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How to Feel Confident in the TCU Rec Weight Room

Whether you’re a beginner, completely inexperienced, or someone who gets intimidated easily, it can be uncomfortable or scary trying to work out with so many others around you. I have felt this way before and have even skipped entire workouts because I have gotten so anxious. Here are some ways to subside that weight room anxiety and bring some confidence to your workout:

1. Wear something cute.

I always feel my best when I look my best. I have noticed that when I dress in a gym fit that makes me feel good about myself, I perform better and am not as nervous around others. My personal favorite gym wear shops are Gymshark, Echt, and Bo + Tee, however, those can get a little pricey. I have found some of the best leggings and sets from Amazon if you’re looking for something cheaper!

2. A good playlist will take you far.

Find or create your perfect playlist to have your perfect workout. Make sure you always have your headphones charged up and ready to go. The right music can put you in the right headspace and keep you hyped during weight lifting. My go-to playlist is called “Beast Mode Hip-Hop” on Spotify!

3. A gym partner is key.

Ask your best friend or someone you know who is more experienced at the gym to help you out. Create a schedule with them to plan ahead of time. You both hold each other accountable, and you won’t feel as alone in the weight room. If you have no idea what you’re doing, being with someone else is a lot less awkward.

4. Everyone starts out as a beginner.

Remember that everyone started or has been where you are now. It’s not embarrassing to try and figure out certain machines or where equipment is. Also, everyone is there for themselves and to focus on their own workout. Don’t worry about people looking at you or judging you! As long as you have the right mindset, you really can do anything.

I am a sophomore Communications major and Studio Art minor at Texas Christian University. I am also a member of Gamma Phi Beta. I create art in my free time and putting my creative skills to work!
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