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“Harry Styles: Love On Tour” Review

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Harry Styles is officially halfway through his tour after announcing it almost two years ago. “Love on Tour” was originally scheduled to start in April of 2020 but was postponed due to COVID-19. After a long wait, the tour officially began in September of 2021 in Las Vegas. Since then, fans have not been able to stop raving about how amazing the show is. From the preshow music to the final wave, Harry and his band bring it all. 

Staying true to the name of the tour, Harry really encourages love and kindness at all his shows. Fans dance along to the preshow music with one another and sing along to all the songs. Right before each show begins there’s a reminder from Harry to wear a mask and protect one another throughout the show. And as the lights go down, fans begin to scream as loud as they possibly can. 

Harry starts the show with “Golden,” and if you look around, everyone is on their feet singing and dancing along. Harry is dancing with fans and his band members. And as the show moves on, the energy only gets higher. Harry often grabs pride flags from fans and dances with them on stage. During his song “Treat People With Kindness,” Harry dances with the flags while the lights in the arena flash rainbow. In between songs, he stops to talk with fans and encourages everyone to be proud of who they are. While performing in Texas, he added to this speech to not let anyone tell them what to do to their bodies. This is in reference to the abortion bill that was just recently passed in Texas banning abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. Along with this speech, Harry takes time to read the signs fans have brought and often jokes with fans about the creative signs they’ve made. 

But it’s not just Harry and his band who create this upbeat environment. Fans come with more energy than ever before. Many fans plan their outfits far in advance. Some fans take inspiration from Harry’s fashion and come in flared pants in all different colors and patterns. Other fans come in costume. There have been watermelons, ghosts, fans dressed as Harry himself, and the most iconic: bananas. Though many of the costumes are inspired by Harry’s songs, the banana costume isn’t. However, Harry has created a little song after seeing a fan dressed as a banana. Now, more fans than ever have shown up in this costume and many are planning to show up as one for “Harryween,” the show at Madison Square Garden on Halloween.

At most concerts, it’s always more fun being front row in the pit. However, fans who are farther back seem to disagree. Fans often run back and forth, depending on where Harry is performing on the stage. They also make room to dance. Whether it’s partner dancing or line dancing, they make sure there is plenty of space for everyone. There are even conga lines that make their way through the pit that most fans join in on. And while there’s more space to dance in the back, fans up front have just as much fun. Fans often throw different objects on stage such as flowers and hats. But fans love to throw water more than anything. And Harry often throws water right back. But while fans in the pit get to interact most, everyone in the building seems to have the time of their life. During his sadder songs, such as “Falling” and “Fine Line,” there never seems to be a dry eye in the room. And during his upbeat songs like “Golden,” “Treat People With Kindness,” and “Kiwi,” fans dance and sing like it’s the last time they ever will. 

Overall, “Love On Tour” has been the most positive and uplifting event for many fans, especially since COVID-19. Fans have been raving over the long-awaited tour and are more than excited for the second half. Harry, his band, and the many fans there have created a night filled with love and kindness that people will never forget.

I am an English student at TCU, and I am minoring in Writing and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Studies. I've always had a love for reading and writing since I was a kid. I hope to encourage positivity and love through my writing and make the world feel a bit kinder.
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