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Ahead of the new Barbie movie, and as someone with my own special Ken in my life, I think the Kens of the world deserve gifts, too. Whether he is a nerdy Ken, gamer Ken, gym bro Ken, or anything else, shopping for gifts for the Ken in your life can be really hard. Hopefully this list of ideas can help out. 




Gym Bro

New Thing <3

When you do not want to wrap anything

  • Surprise trip to thrift store
  • Picnic at the park
  • Movie tickets

when the budget does not exist

  • Airpod max
  • Nintendo switch
  • Electric skateboard
Madelin is a sophomore at Texas Christian University, studying business on the pre-law track, where she serves as the Treasurer for Dance Marathon. Growing up in El Paso, Texas, she is a Latina who wants to be a role model for other young women who want to pursue business. When not studying, Madelin is browsing TikToks about her favorite artists, Harry Styles and BTS, or updating herself on current pop culture events and astrological trends.