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From Tank Tops to Sweaters: How to Style Your Summer Faves Til November

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We all have been there: It’s October. You have fall fever, but in the state of Texas, fall does not exist. The leaves don’t change colors. The mornings do not get dewy and brisk. Most importantly: It is still so, so insanely hot. I find myself constantly in a state of trying to get into the fall mood with my outfits while also staying comfortable in the heat. Through a lot of experimenting and trials (trust me — I’ve had some failed outfits where I’m sweating insanely by 9 a.m.), I have found a lot of good options for incorporating my summer staples into my current wardrobe. Here are all my tips and tricks for making your summer clothes functional and fashionable for the fall.

Flowy Skirts

One of my favorite staples of this summer has been the flowy skirt trend. It’s super cute and easy to style with a tank top or a short-sleeve shirt, but during the fall months, this is not always warm enough. Or, it doesn’t put you in the fall feels. Recently, one of my staple go-to outfits is my aerie rock ‘n’ ruffle white skirt with either a cute sweater tank or just a sweater depending on the weather. This outfit is still so easy, but it puts you into the fall mood more than wearing a tank top would.


One of the easiest ways to transition outfits is with shoes. During the summer months, people tend to wear open-toe shoes or sneakers since it is so hot and humid outside. However, during the fall, this definitely feels out of place. One of my favorite tips is to put on my tank tops and shorts but then wear them with little white booties. My white booties have been great for tying together all my outfits that usually work during the summer, but make them feel a bit more fall-like.

White Jeans

Who said you can’t wear white jeans after labor day? Actually, a lot of people do, but I truly believe that this can so be part of your fall wardrobe. As someone who loves monochrome and neutral outfits, one of the best things I found you can do is wear white jeans during the fall. If paired with a grey or even a white sweater, it can look so classy while also being trendy.

Blazers and Coats

While this next tip is not typically something you would wear during the summer, I love it too much to not include it. I love to take my summer tank tops and shorts and throw a blazer on top of them. Blazers are amazing because not only do they keep you warm, but they are also fashionable and a great way to style your summer clothing. Additionally, if they are oversized, nothing is cuter than wearing one as a dress with a belt in the middle.

Hi everyone! My name is Ellie Sanville and I am originally from Monmouth County, New Jersey. Currently I am a freshman nursing major at Texas Christian University and could not be anymore excited for this chapter in my life. Being from somewhere so close to NYC I love writing about fashion along with travel and all things TCU!!
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