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Frat Life: TCU Edition

I asked all the fraternities on TCU’s campus the same questions to help everyone get to know why it is important to them. Read on if you want to see more into the life of a frat boy and what makes them all so different.

  1. Why’d you choose your fraternity?
  2. What is the most important aspect of the fraternity?
  3. What has been your favorite memory so far?
  4. What makes your fraternity stand out from the rest?
  5. How has it changed your college experience?


Beta Theta Pi (Beta)

  1. “I chose Beta because I love my pledge class. I believed that these guys could push me to be the best that I can be and hold me to a higher standard.”
  2. “For sure the aspect of brotherhood.”
  3. “Favorite memory… hmmm… probably falling in the creek on a new member retreat.”
  4. “We not only have values but we actually live by them as members. We strive to be great in all aspects of our lives. We have held the top GPA for the past seven semesters and have won inter-murals the past 2 years. Most of our members are involved in something other than Greek life on campus and represent our fraternity as leaders in the community. We are fraternity men that are growing to become men of principle that lead by example.”
  5. “Being part of a fraternity has made my college experience, I truly have no idea what I would do without my brothers.”

Delta Tau Delta (Delt)

  1. “I rushed a lot of fraternities and Delt was the one I felt truly had the most stress on brotherhood and balanced social presence with academics the best.”
  2. “The members, the friends I’ve made over the semester are already the best friends I’ve ever had.”
  3. “The initiation after party where everyone greeted me as their brother.” 
  4. “Everyone is different, there isn’t a mold like some other fraternities.”
  5.  “Joining a fraternity is the best way to make friends with people you wouldn’t have otherwise met and get plugged into the school quick.”


Lambda Chi Alpha (Lambda)

  1. “A lot of kids from my town are in it.”
  2. “Definitely the kids who are in it and what they believe in.”
  3. “Initiation week, spending time with all my boys.”
  4. “Our fraternity is different from the others because we stress togetherness and building strong relationships amongst the pledge class.”
  5. “The relationships I’ve built with my pledge class have definitely affected my college experience. I don’t know what I would do without those relationships.”


Phi Delta Theta (Phi Delt)

  1. “I chose Phi Delt because I loved the people and what they stood for.”
  2. “Most important aspect would probably be the brotherhood, being able to count on others in my fraternity when I need them.”
  3. “Favorite memory would be getting initiated and earning my spot with everyone and feeling part of the group.”
  4. “I think we stand out in brotherhood, everyone comes from different backgrounds but can still bond together.”
  5. “It has allowed me to form close bonds with lots of people from many different places around the United States.”


Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji)

  1. “I joined Fiji because everyone got along and treated everyone with respect! No one treated anyone bad.”
  2. “The most important aspect of my frat would be brotherhood.”
  3. “My favorite memory is our bid day when we went to Top Golf and all hung out there for the day.”
  4. “Fiji is different because we put brotherhood before anything.”
  5. “Being part of Fiji made my transition to college even easier, giving me a group of guys that I fit in with. A group of friends!” 


Pi Kappa Phi (Pi Kapp)

  1. “I chose Pi Kapp because during rush it was the fraternity that I fit in the most and felt closest to. I could easily see myself becoming a better person with the help of the guys around me.”
  2. “The most important aspect of Pi Kapp to me is the overall balance of the guys within our chapter. There isn’t one specific thing we’re known for. There’s a good mix of grades, social life, and brotherhood.”
  3. “My favorite memory of being in Pi Kapp so far is building a paintball course with my freshman class at an organization that brings fathers and sons closer together. It was fun spending the day with everybody and doing something bigger than yourself.”
  4. “Philanthropy is something Pi Kapp takes very seriously and is a top priority within our chapter. Our biggest commitment is a summer-long bike ride across America called the Journey of hope. Pi Kapps that sign-up ride roughly 75 miles per day and when they’re done they spend the rest of the day with kids and adults that have disabilities. It is a very unique experience that we are all extremely proud of.”
  5. “Pi Kapp has had a very big impact on my college experience. It has already enabled me to grow as a man and teach others how to do the same. I am excited to see how Pi Kapp will have an even bigger impact on my life and additional members to come.”


Sigma Chi (Sigma Chi)

  1. “Chose my frat based off the reputation as far as pledgeship and girls’ viewpoints on each frat as well as the friendliness of the guys.”
  2. “The guys. We are all pretty different but all get along really well.”
  3. “My favorite memory was the ‘darty’ I got my bid…it was just a blast.”
  4. “My frat stands out from the rest because we all just want to have a good time and don’t care about stupid stuff… not cliquey or kick people out or rude to people at our parties.”
  5. “My college experience has been a lot more fun and my exposure to girls has gone up from when I wasn’t in one.”


Sigma Nu (Sigma Nu)

  1. “I chose Sigma Nu because, throughout rush, I didn’t really feel comfortable anywhere until I went to Sigma Nu. There was just like an underlying chill vibe that took a lot of the stressors of the rush process away and made me just want to get to know the guys better.”
  2. “I would say the most important aspect of Sigma Nu lies within our 3 main pillars of Love, Honor, and Truth. It’s one thing to just recite a mantra like that, but it’s a completely different story when you can see your chapter actually trying to live their lives following the mantra that we all dedicated ourselves to during our candidacy process.”
  3. “My favorite memory was probably our philanthropy event last spring. It was Sigma Nu Dog Days and we paired with a local animal charity to raise money to help the dogs find forever homes. We had foster dogs all afternoon playing in the commons and it worked really well in raising awareness across campus. I’m extremely passionate about animals, so I loved being given the opportunity to merge my love for animals with my fraternity because it kind of solidified, in my mind that I made the right choice in rushing Sigma Nu.”
  4. “I would say Sigma Nu stands out from other fraternities mainly through an educational process we have in place. It’s called LEAD and everyone is required to attend their grade’s LEAD meetings once a week. In the meetings, we learn about how to be upstanding men of honor, how to work better in teams, how to manage groups, and even how to negotiate salaries (for a bit later down the road when that becomes pertinent). It’s cool that we have this in place because we’re walking away from college with real-world skills given to us by our fraternity.”
  5. “It’s mainly changed my college experience in the sense that it’s made me feel so much more connected to the campus. It’s a ton of fun to be able to walk around campus and see how many people I’ve been able to meet through Sigma Nu, whether that be the chapter itself, or through Sigma Nu functions and events. It’s given me a much larger sense of community on campus.”


Sigma Phi Epsilon (Sig Ep)

  1. “I chose Sig Ep because I felt like I really fit in with the guys. They value good grades and I could tell that they were really people who I wanted to surround myself with. It was a gut feeling, but I have seen how they push me to reach my full potential.”
  2. “The most important aspect is the fact that these guys are my best friends and I can always go to them for advice or just to hangout and have a good time. We spend so much time together, and the friendships I have made are so valuable to me.”
  3. “My favorite memory has been being on College Gameday with a few of my pledge brothers. I didn’t know anyone and it happened during the first week of our freshman year, so it was a great bonding experience.”
  4. “There are a lot of awesome fraternities. One thing that I think separates Sig Ep is the fact that everyone wants to help each other out. I have awesome friendships with older members and they have given me a lot of advice.”
  5. “It has allowed me to make friends that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I love all the guys that I get to hangout with on a regular basis. It has enhanced my college experience by exposing me to different events that I wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to.”
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