Easy Breezy DIY Valentine’s Day Presents

Ladies, it’s that time of year again. The drugstores are filled with candy, stuffed animals, and flowers. Hallmark cards line the walls everywhere you look.  “Be Mine” and “Happy Valentine’s Day” are splashed all over the place and pink becomes the national color.

One thing that I want to set straight is that V-Day is about the guy too. This commercialized and romantic holiday throws advertisements up of boys with bouquets or chocolates for their girlfriend, or men surprising their ladies with beautiful jewelry.

HOWEVER, one should know that guys like getting gifts too! I’m sorry to say, it isn’t just all about you.

But I know we are all college students! Money is tight! Well, fear not. Here are some meaningful and creative DIY Valentines Day gifts you can surprise your love with!



1.     Make him a Valentine’s Day Votive.

This is such an easy and fun little project to do. Whether you choose to use Mod-Podge, glitter, and ribbon, or maybe just little heart stickers all over a mason jar. This genuine little gift is perfect to give to your valentine.


2.     Write him a candy love note.

This is such a fun way to express your love for your special someone, or even just a friend! It’s also a great excuse to go buy a bunch of candy and maybe a little extra for you as well!


3.     Valentine’s Day S’mores in a Jar

This adorable idea is perfect for a valentine with a major sweet tooth. It’s also super easy and very thoughtful!


4.     Marshmallow Love Pops!

These sweet and easy treats are so fun to make for (or with) your valentine! Just use basic popsicle sticks or fun pink straws, some pink, white, or red icing, and sprinkles!


5.     Cherry Pie Pops

If you want to become a bit savvier with your cooking skills, this is a great way to go! All you need is some Pillsbury Croissant dough, sticks, and fruit jelly (any flavor works!). These are an adorable and unique gift for a valentine.


6.     Make him a cute homemade card.

Don’t underestimate the power of words. Write your loved one a sweet note reminding them just how much they mean to you!


7.     Valentine Jenga

This is a neat little idea to do if you have a lot of time on your hands to prepare for your valentines day! Write secret little love notes on Jenga pieces, start your game, and wait for him to “tumble” for you!


8.     Go classic and bake him some cookies!

You can’t possibly go wrong with this classic present for your valentine.


9.     Dress up for him!

I understand that the TCU dress code basically consists of giant T-shirts, Lululemon leggings, and Nike tennis shoes... but take this ONE day to throw on a cute little dress, some heels, and some make up to look nice for your special someone!