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Coastal Cowgirl Essentials for This Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCU chapter.

Coastal fashion has always been a favorite during the summertime. We started with coastal grandmother, which then evolved into coastal granddaughter, a slightly more chic take on the style. Now, prepare for the newest summer fashion aesthetic: coastal cowgirl.

Now that we’re just a few weeks out from summer break and my seasonal depression is melting away, I’ve been thinking a lot about warm-weather fashion. Coincidentally, I have recently watched my comfort movie, Mamma Mia, along with my new favorite show, Daisy Jones and The Six, and I am officially obsessed with these heroines’ wardrobes of loose tanks, flowy blouses, breathable denim, and cowboy boots. I knew I wanted, nay, NEEDED to emulate this style for the summer, but I didn’t even know what to search for on Pinterest. However, I recently stumbled upon my solution on my Tik Tok “For You” page (where else?): the coastal cowgirl aesthetic.

Let’s start with a definition: “Coastal cowgirl” takes the light and airy silhouettes and colors of the coastal style we know and love combined with slightly more rugged and down-to-earth southern staples. This means we’re looking at a natural color palette, sticking with light and bright colors like white, light blue, and beige, with accents of brown here and there. We’re also sticking with loose fits that flow in the ocean breeze plus denim basics that scream “Yeehaw!” I’m here today to help you build your coastal cowgirl wardrobe so that you can live the Daisy Jones summer of your dreams.

First up, you’ll need a good pair of cowboy boots. I recommend a white or brown pair, that way they’re versatile and consistent with our beachy color palette. These ones from Amazon are super cheap, decent quality, and super comfy, and they come in white, tan, light brown, and dark brown.

Next, some good quality denim shorts. Stick with a light wash and a distressed hem. I’m really loving this baggy short from American Eagle. The loose and longer fit captures the airiness of coastal style while pulling in the denim for some southern charm. If you want to lean into the Western style a bit more, you could invest in a pair of short overalls like these ones, also from American Eagle.

For your next piece, you’ll need a white flowy dress. Pick a style that you can dress up for brunch or dinner, then dress down for a beach day. Puffy sleeves are definitely the vibe, and Altar’d State has a wide selection that is absolutely adorable.

Your last basic is going to be some white tanks. You may already have some you can use. Tight-fitting ones are great to layer under a flowy button-up or cardigan (we’ll get to that in a second). This ribbed one from Amazon is a great option. Looser ones work well for a more simple outfit. I think this Amazon v-neck is cute.

Okay, let’s get to some fun pieces. White, tan, or blue button-ups are amazing when layered over a classic white tank and denim shorts. Honestly, I recommend you thrift some from a local thrift store or your dad’s closet to get the best deal. Next up, a white blouse. A crochet top or puff sleeve top would be absolutely adorable, and I love this tank and this blouse (or this one) from Hollister. These Amazon sunglasses are amazing. What’s that? You’re not feeling enough Western vibes? Feel free to accessorize with a cowboy hat (this Amazon one has cute shells!) or a western-inspired belt (like this one from Amazon!).

Well, I think I’ve covered most of the basics you’ll need to achieve the coastal cowgirl aesthetic this summer. Now, let’s all go out and live the Donna Sheridan and Daisy Jones summer of our dreams!

I am currently a Graphic Design major at Texas Christian University. I love reading, making art, being outdoors, and Taylor Swift!