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BIP: The After The Final Rose We Never Got

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCU chapter.

As we begin a new journey in the Bachelor franchise with Michelle Young’s season, I want to check in on all the couples from Bachelor in Paradise and where they have been since filming ended. Three couples left the show with an engagement, and a bunch left because they did not want to commit to their significant others. This season of Bachelor in Paradise was very hectic with many preshow couples coming on the show for fame and numerous love triangles. This season tested the contestants like none other before. Although there were numerous struggles in paradise, three couples could defy odds and make it to the end.

Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt

Joe and Serena were a success story in the making from the very beginning. Their connection was strong from the start, and they had to undergo numerous stressors to their relationship, including Joe’s ex Kendall Long coming to paradise. Joe and Serena ended up getting engaged at the end, and it was one of the sweetest proposals yet. They are currently seen posting on social media together and making adorable TikToks. They seem happier than ever.

Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin

Kenny and Mari were an obvious couple when paradise started, and their connection was instant. Due to the immediate connection, Mari felt that it was too good to be true and pushed Kenny away. Kenny was disappointed, so he began to form other connections in paradise. Mari ended up getting jealous, and they were able to put differences aside and get back together. Kenny and Mari ended up getting engaged, and they are living their best life together — happily in love.

Riley Christian & Maurissa Gunn 

Riley and Maurissa had one of the most intense romances on the show. They had a connection from the start that rivaled other couples. They ended up getting engaged at the end of the show. Riley and Maurissa are an exciting couple who are discussing a wedding and a family plan in the near future.

Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs

Becca came on the show, shocking many viewers due to her two past engagements that failed. People assumed she was done with Bachelor nation. Becca ended up connecting with Thomas. The relationship grew so well that Becca became scared and broke things off with Thomas before fantasy suites. When they both got home, they decided to give the relationship another chance, and they are stronger than ever posting cute pictures on Instagram

Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb

Abigail and Noah’s relationship seemed like the strongest in paradise from day one. They connected and were exclusive the whole time in paradise, never exploring other relationships. Before fantasy suites, Noah confessed his feelings for Abigail and she was unable to respond. This became an issue because Noah broke up with Abigail because he thought that she wasn’t his person. They ended up leaving paradise separately. Abigail and Noah were able to reconcile and now they are one of the strongest couples, traveling around and trying new adventures.

Jadyn is a Junior at Texas Christian University, studying Strategic Communications. She is from Dana Point, CA. In her free time, she can be found doing orange theory, hanging with friends, and watching the latest Netflix documentary.