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A Day in the Life of a Public Relations Student Professional

Good Morning! Welcome to a day in my life. As a PR Student Professional, I’m all over the place, with lots of roles and responsibilities, so intentionality is always my focus. I want to make sure that if I’m spending time on something, it’s contributing positively to my life, whether academically, professionally, socially, or even just mentally. Well, I’m officially up and on my way, so let’s get into what I’m up to.

7:00 AM

I am not a morning person, but for the sake of productivity, getting up this early is important to get started on my day. The first thing I do is always coffee, then I usually sit with my laptop and read through all the newsletters I get. Because I overlap with the fashion and public relations world, I’m signed up for quite a few to stay up-to-date on everything in the world. Some of my favorites are Newsette, the Morning Brew, the Skimm, and the Business of Fashion. By the end of that, I’ll pour my second cup of coffee and get ready. Before I leave the house, I do a quick entry in my guided gratitude journal, to center myself before the busy day. 

9:00 AM

Now I’m in my first class of the day, which is Campaigns, an agency-style class. My team is currently on the research part of the campaign process. Research can be boring, but it’s key to the more exciting creative campaign parts we’re looking excited to work on in the future. You’ve got to back up any PR/advertising strategies with data, so research is important.  

11:00 AM

Break time! This means another cup of coffee (this time iced), and a little bit of social study time. I usually meet up with a friend or my boyfriend to work on emails and passive tasks like that while we chat and catch up.

12:30 PM

More class, two of them to be exact. These are fashion classes. One is about Merchandising and one is about Global Trade. This takes a lot of brainpower, so I have to pray that the coffee is working. But I’m excited to learn a little more about the industry!

3:30 PM

Done for the day! I typically reserve this time to work on homework. I’m either at a coffee shop with a friend or sitting at home with Gilmore Girls in the background. Lots of work getting done… 

5:30 PM

Now it’s time for dinner. I really like those frozen pizzas from Costco, you know the Kirkland Signature ones? They are my favorite, and I can eat close to the entire thing on my own! While I eat, I also plan my next day, Friday this week. Fridays are fun to plan because I have no class, so it’s a great day to work on PR agency work at different coffee shops! 

8:00 PM

Now I’m off, and it’s social time! Sometimes I go to a movie at AMC (I joined their A-List this year and let me tell you: best investment ever!), or other times I have a quiet wine night with my friends to de-stress from the week. Either way, I try to limit my phone usage. Working in PR/Social Media means my phone is my job most times, so I try to stay off when I’m “off”. 

Thanks for coming along with me during my day! Just like any average Thursday, I’ve worked on lots of different projects, but that’s normal for any PR Professional (especially if you’re also a student). Maybe you can take some of my habits and they’ll also work for you (I don’t recommend the caffeine addiction though), or maybe you just enjoyed a little storytime with me. Either way, thanks for reading and… Sweet Dreams!

Mackenzi Abbott is a writer for Her Campus TCU and loves to exercise her storytelling skills through writing. She is also a public relations director for Roxo Agency and for the Be Fearless You Foundation. She is a senior at Texas Christian University studying Strategic Communication and Fashion Merchandising, with an emphasis in Public Relations.
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