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9 Thoughts Every Out-of-Stater has at TCU

1. Vineyard Vines

Since when are designer t-shirts a thing? Especially because finding free T-shirts at this school is about as easy as finding dirty silverware at the BLUU.


2. Srat uniforms

Are pants not trendy here?


3. Fanny packs

What’s next? Mom jeans?


4. Bluebell

If it’s that good, why don’t they have it where I live? I’ll stick with my bros Ben & Jerry.

5. Whataburger

Heart attack with a side of honey butter please?


6 .Dressing up for football games

So is face paint not cool then?

7. That song they play at football games that every Texan knows the words to, but you can’t actually understand…

Pretty much sums it up.



It wasn’t until I moved here that I realized a person could actually get sick of tacos.


9.Texan Spirit

So Sandy Cheeks isn’t that far off…



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Freshmen. Enjoys chicken nuggets.
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