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7 Stages of Finals

Finals week is a stressful time in the lives of students everywhere. Everyone is stressed. You’re grades are on the line. But don’t worry. Even though finals week is finally here, you will prevail. You will make it through. Here are some of your thoughts as you travel through the whirlwind stages of finals week.

1. Shock and Denial

“Finals?? Already??? You mean this semester is over?? I just moved in three days ago! This can’t be happening!!”

2. Guilt

“If only I had studied during that two hour time period I went out 3 months ago. Why did I watch six hours of Gilmore Girls yesterday?? What was I thinking?? I am a terrible student!”

3. Bargaining

“Lord, if you help me pass this final, I will never skip a class ever again.”

4. Depression

“I just cannot study one second longer… Studying has made me feel empty…”

5. The Upward Turn

“Hey, that final wasn’t too bad… and I only have three left. I think I can do this.”

6. Working Through

“I actually know this stuff. Wow all that studying paid off. My mind is no longer a jumbled mess. Things are looking up. Three finals down, two to go.”

7. Acceptance and Hope

“It’s finished. This semester is done. My grades are my grades, and I accept that. I can relax once more. On to Winter Break.”

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