6 Unique Restaurants to Try in Fort Worth

Looking for a new restaurant to try with friends? Check out these unique places! 


Spiral Diner & Bakery: Any vegans out there? Even if you're not vegan, Spiral Diner and Bakery on West Magnolia Ave is a hot spot you MUST try! It’s an indie cafe with traditional booths and unique decorations. Just like any normal diner, you have numerous options to choose from- only difference being everything is vegan. Sound a little scary? That’s what I thought too until I tried their Grilled Portobello Quesadilla, but I was pleasantly surprised! Enjoy :)


Bird Cafe: Make it a date and walk out of Bird Cafe stuffed with the best food in Fort Worth. Bird Cafe is located on 4th Street in Sundance Square and has a quaint old-time, yet elegant, feel inside its walls. A must have is The One-Eyed Jack- a not so typical grilled cheese with jalapeno-cheddar toast, Duroc pit ham and Nueske’s Bacon topped off with a nested egg. I know your mouth is watering as you read this description, so go feed your temptations and give it a whirl!


Vickery Cafe: Totally into old fashioned diners? Obsessed with traditional breakfast food? If so, drive on over to Vickery Cafe on West Vickery Boulevard and please your taste buds. Vickery Cafe serves breakfast all day, and what makes this even better is that their waffles come in the shape of Texas. Yes, I didn’t know a Texas shaped waffle could taste any different, but it tastes much better. More of an egg person? Try their Supreme Omelet to satisfy every type of craving you may have that day.


Righteous Foods: When a restaurants slogan is “a healthy dose of friggin’ awesome” how does one NOT want to dine there? Righteous Foods is located on West 7th Street and has food that is righteous. My personal go-to is either the Acai Bowl or the Open Face Sammie. The Acai Bowl can satisfy that sweet tooth of yours from the natural sugars of the fruit and maple granola. If you're more of a salt-lovin’ gal then try the Open Face Sammie. This includes avocado, eggs, arugula and queso fresco. Who doesn't love queso, am I right? Righteous Foods has a trendy vibe to the exterior as well as interior (makes for some great Instagram pics).


Lili’s Bistro: Magnolia Street is the home of cute hole-in-the-wall locations. I hope you find the time to stumble upon Lili’s Bistro someday soon and sink your teeth into Lili’s house burger. Not only is the beef tender, but with the help of the warm gorgonzola dressing, the crunch of the crispy bacon and the relief of a cold tomato, your taste buds will be in paradise. Lili’s carries lunch and dinner. To make things even better, imagine eating that burger while listening to some indie bands perform live inside Lili’s. If you're not grabbing your keys to go to Lili’s right now, you should.


Spice: Haven’t found Thai food in Fort Worth yet? Well, it’s kind of like Chinese food but healthier AND more delicious. Another hip Magnolia place near downtown Fort Worth, Spice is the place you and your friends (or that special someone) will want to try if you’re looking for some comfort food. You can order to-go and “Netflix and Chill” with this amazing deliciousness, or eat there in the quite, modern, and intimate atmosphere. Order the Pad Thai (a stir-fry noodle dish), with any flavor, and add shrimp, chicken, veggies… whatever floats your boat! I can promise it will be fresh and flavorful. Oh, and don’t forget to order an egg roll if you weren’t planning on it already. What’s even better is it’s non-expensive so you college kids can afford it.


Happy eating!

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