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10 Things to Actually Get Your Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCU chapter.

Boyfriends can be among the most difficult group of people to buy a gift for, especially on Valentine’s Day. And it’s not like any of the gift guides are actually helpful with their expensive whiskey stones or camping gear or grilling stuff. I have curated a list of Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriends that is inclusive of all price ranges and is cute and easy to execute. Remember that you know your boyfriend the best, and he will love and cherish anything you get him. These are just ideas to get you going in your shopping for him. Best of luck girlies!

  1. A Custom Hat 

Etsy has so many hats that are fully customizable from the color of the thread, to the font, to the actual words themselves. You can put literally anything you want as the message on the hat. It doesn’t have to be your names or initials. You can do his favorite sports team or his favorite music artist.

  1. A Custom Neon Sign 

Boys love neon mood lighting in their room. Customize a neon sign to be his favorite color and font. You can make it his name, hometown, favorite sports team, or anything else you think he’d like.

  1. A LEGO Set 

Boys are like children in their love for LEGOs. The LEGO set doesn’t have to be crazy expensive or involved, just make sure its theme is something that he likes. Plus it’ll keep him occupied while you’re trying to work or do homework.

  1. Robotic Fish 

Boyfriends are relatively easy to entertain, and they usually love fish. Just put a couple of these bad boys in a bowl of water, turn them on, and your boyfriend will be entertained for hours.

  1. A Guitar Strap 

If your boyfriend is the musical type and plays the guitar, this is perfect for him. Every time he picks up his guitar, he’ll think of you. Maybe he’ll even write you a song ;)

  1. A Date Night Game 

If you and your boyfriend are going in circles asking what the other wants to do, this game can help with that. All you have to do is pick a card that fits your timeframe and budget, scratch off the outside layer, and go on the date!

  1. Cologne 

While your boyfriend will be the one wearing this gift, you’ll be the one enjoying it the most. Find an inexpensive cologne that you like (and you think he’ll like too), and give it to him to use! Some of my favorites are Radical Brown Armaf, Dossier Spicy Vanilla, Cremo Spice & Black Vanilla, and Bath & Body Works Mahogany Teakwood.

  1. Matching Keychains

What cuter way to match with your boyfriend than with keychains! You can get the LEGO ones that connect to make a heart, LEGO figurines from your favorite movie or TV show, a souvenir keychain from one of your dates, or each other’s initials.

  1. Homemade Romantic Coupons

If you’re balling on a budget this year, making something by hand can save you so much money. Give him little coupons that he can cash in with you anytime he wants. Some coupons can be: a massage from me, your favorite dinner on me, one kiss, a date night of your choice, and a trip to the zoo. 

  1. Pictures of You

While we’re still balling on a budget, nothing is easier than pictures of you or the both of you. Take some polaroid pictures of you with some cute notes on the bottom, and you’ll find them in his car, in his hat, and in his wallet.

Kendal Allen is a writer for Her Campus! She is a senior psychology major with a minor in social work at TCU. She hopes to one day become a licensed school social worker and help adolescents in the most formative years of their lives. In her free time, you can commonly find Kendal trying out the latest tea flavor variations at coffee shops and listening to Taylor Swift. She has a deep passion for all things Taylor Swift, the Lord, and cats (especially her cat Cilantro).