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YouTube’s Best Beauty/Fashion Gurus

You’re going to want to hit pause on Adele’s “Hello” music video for this! While we all head to YouTube for funny cat videos and the newest music, did you know you can also find beauty and fashion inspiration videos as well? Here’s a list of some of the best beauty and fashion gurus on YouTube today! 

1. Zoella

First up is the lovely, bubbly, British gal who goes by the name of Zoella on YouTube! Zoe Sugg has such a unique, classy style and her fashion hauls resemble just that! She also has some of the best vlogs (video blogs) out there, that make you feel like you are best friends with Zoe, her friends, and her adorable pug, Nala. You won’t regret subscribing to her channel!

2. Gigi Gorgeous

Next, we have the hilarious and beautiful Gigi, who goes by Gigi Gorgeous on YouTube. In addition to creating glamorous hair and make-up tutorials, Gigi is an inspiration to many. As a transgender herself, her fans have watched her grow into the gorgeous, pun intended, woman she is today. Recently, she even teamed up with Miley Cyrus in an LGBTQ activism campaign! Definitely worth checking her channel out!

3. Carli Bybel

Another one of YouTube’s best beauty icons is from our own backyard! Carli Bybel, known for her amazing make-up tutorials and unbelievable fashion sense, is from Old Bridge, New Jersey. You can be sure to find a make-up tutorial for any possible occasion- glam or every day- on her channel. Show some support to New Jersey’s own guru, and subscribe to her videos!

4. Tess Christine

Last, but certainly not least, we have the lovely Tess Christine- one of the best when it comes to fashion inspiration on YouTube! The fan favorites are definitely her “Look for Less” videos, in which she re-creates looks from our favorite celebrities, finding far less expensive duplicates- perfect for us college students. She is extremely talented at what she does, so hit that subscribe button and thank us later!

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