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YOU Are This Week’s Campus Celebrity

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

Dear TCNJ Collegiettes, 

As this semester is just starting off, we want to say thank you for inspiring the content on our site!

TCNJ is full of incredible students changing the world around them both on campus & off. This week, we want to honor TCNJ students by choosing YOU all as this week’s campus celebrity. TCNJ would not be the amazing school that it is, if it wasn’t for YOU.

Each and every one of TCNJ’s students plays an integral role in what makes this community feel like home. You all make being co-editors fun & exciting! We love hearing about all of our fellow collegiettes’ accomplishments & choosing students to feature on HCTCNJ. 

So, thank you for supporting our site & we look forward to featuring more lions this year! 


Stephanie Orfanakos & Caitlyn McNair 

Cait is the Co-Editor-In-Chief at HCTCNJ, and describes her life with two simple words: organized chaos.