World Compliment Day

It’s no secret that people enjoy a nice compliment. It makes a day brighter, a smile wider, and gives someone a boost in confidence. It just so happens that today, 3/1, is World Compliment day and it’s the perfect time to give a friend (or even stranger) a compliment to brighten their day.

This day has gone down as the most positive day of the year and it is more important than ever to keep positivity flowing throughout our lives. The people who sponsor World Compliment Day make it clear that compliments are more important than material goods and we need to make an impact that is more emotional than commercial!

So TCNJ, I ask you take some time out of your day and spread some positivity on our campus by giving a compliment to someone! You never know the full impact it will have on a person, but it is bound to be a burst of happiness for them.

Happy World Compliment Day everyone! I have a compliment for all of you, too. You are all smart, strong, and empowering individuals who can do anything!