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As we’re nearing December, it’s time for new winter trends in fashion, makeup, and especially, hair. It’s natural to want to switch up your hair with the holidays and the new year coming up, but choosing your new look isn’t always an easy decision. Some say to go with a lighter color in the summer and darker in the winter, but that’s not always the case. And even if you know what hair color you want, which hairstyle do you choose? Or you’ll see influencers and celebrities with perfect hair, but what do you ask for at the hair salon to look like them?

It can be difficult to keep up with what’s popular, and easy to get stuck on old looks. Each year, we see pretty big changes in what’s trending, and this year isn’t any different. We’re starting to see new colors, hairstyles, and even some comebacks of older looks. Here’s what’s to come in the winter of 2023!

Copper hair

A highly envied look at the moment is a copper color dye or highlights. Seung Ki Baek, a RUSH expert colorist, explains that “The great thing about copper hair color is that there is a shade to suit everyone and particularly for lighter skin tones, copper hair is a fantastic choice, as it helps to give warmth to the complexion.” We’ve seen copper looks on the red carpet with Emma Stone, Zendaya, Kendall Jenner, and many more, though it’s a stunning look for subtle occasions or everyday life. The color proves to be a great look on any person for any event.

While it’s a highly sought-after style, it’s a bit of a higher-maintenance color. To keep your copper hair looking its best, avoid too much direct heat (like blowdryers, flat irons, or curling irons), use color shampoo, and you may need touchups every 4-6 weeks.

butterfly cut

Similar to the 90’s layered blowouts we saw this past year, now we’re seeing more of the butterfly cut. According to celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook, a butterfly cut is “two haircuts in one that gives you the option to play with short hair without having to commit to cutting all your hair off.” The haircut consists of short layers in the front that blend into long layers on the bottom, allowing for different hairstyles that can be styled for long or short hair. This style typically works best for wavy or curly hair, as it looks best with volume and shape that frame your face. However, it can be styled with any type of hair with the help of products and a good blow dryer. The best thing about this cut is the versatility it provides, and the different styles and looks someone can do with it.


Rather than fully dying their hair, a “sombre” has become more popular, or a soft ombre, where two colors gradually fade into each other. A sombre look is lower maintenance, which only requires touchups once or twice a year. As far as what color to go with, that trend is changing as well. People are slowly starting to move away from the bold platinum blonde or ash blonde color and gravitating towards warmer tones, like sandy and honey colors. Some call this color “bronde,” a mix of brunette and blonde, or a honey brown. These colors give a much warmer and more natural look and work with most skin tones. While some may think of the color as more of a typical spring or summer tone, this color can work all year round on anyone.


If you’re looking for a change in your long hair, bobs are coming back in style. Many influencers have been sporting a mid-length or chin-length bob that perfectly frames their face. Trends really do happen in circles, as this cut, similar to heavily layered blowouts, was very popular in the 90s. Although it’s a short hairstyle, it can still be styled in different ways, including a middle part, more of a side-swept look, straight without layers, or with wavier hair to add volume. A bob cut is great for a sophisticated look that’s easy to style.

“expensive” brunette

People have been using the term “expensive” brunette to describe a rich, dark brown, close to a chocolate brown. If you’re sticking to darker shades in the winter, this could be the perfect color. This look consists of a dark brunette base with a blend of highlights and lowlights to soften the look and add more dimension. Hair colorist Angela Hazelton describes the color as a “dramatic, sophisticated, and almost sultry vibe.” Normally, a hair gloss also helps elevate this look to give your hair some shine, giving it a healthier look as well. An expensive brunette color is another great low-maintenance option that doesn’t require frequent touch-ups.

side parts

Despite the strong divide that stirred between Gen Z’s middle parts and Milennials’ side parts, side parts have been appearing to make a comeback. There was a large shift during quarantine in 2020 to the middle parts, but just as we’re coming out of the pandemic, we’re coming back to side parts, too. Celebrities like Zoey Deutch and Amanda Seyfried have shown off sleek, deep side parts that can be styled with pin-straight hair or with big, voluminous curls. Other than a deep side part, some are opting for a side part flip, that adds more volume and texture. As much as you may be over it, side parts are a very versatile look that can give a more sophisticated or glam look, depending on how you style it.

“soft” bangs

This past year, curtain bangs have become very popular and were the basis for many different styles. Now, there has been more of a shift to “softer” bangs. One type is feathered bangs, which are longer and layered. Unlike curtain bangs, these bangs aren’t parted and are worn straight across. Others are wearing longer, wispier bangs with layered hair, giving more volume and texture. These softer and wispier bangs work for any hair type, whether you have thin or thick hair or straight or curly hair. The main benefit of this style is that the layers in the bangs can add volume even if your hair doesn’t have as much.

The hairstyles and colors above are only a handful of new trends that are to come. You can try out any one of these, and even mix and match colors, cuts, and styles for a new look. Now, you can go into the new year with a trendy new hairstyle!

Grace is a freshman Journalism & Professional Writing major at TCNJ. Outside of writing, she also enjoys listening to music, watching movies, and reading.