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Why You Should Start Thrifting in 2019

1. It’s environmentally friendly

If you buy used clothes, you’re saving it from being wasted or thrown into a landfill. Don’t take part in our throw-away society, there are SO many cool clothes and items you can find at a thrift store.

2. Save money

This is a given. Since you’re buying things second-hand, the price is discounted heavily. Instead of buying a new pair of jeans for $50 at American Eagle, why not get a pair of thrifted Levi’s for $5? Thrifting is so much easier on your wallet, and a great alternative for college students.

3. Find designer gems

There are some great deals you can find on designer clothing, you just have to look.

4. It’s an experience

Make a day of it! Take a couple of your friends and go to your nearest thrift store. It’s actually a lot of fun trying on and comparing what you find.

 5. Avoid spending more for “vintage” clothes

Why spend extra for clothes to “look” vintage when you can just buy gently used actually vintage clothes? Save money!

6. Expand taste in your style

Thrift stores usually have a BIG selection. You may find clothes that you’ll never see in department stores or malls, so explore outside of your comfort zone. Thrift stores will (usually) never carry two of the same item - get out there and thrift!


Nicole Bachrach is a Sophomore Communications/Public Relations major and Law/Politics/Philosophy minor and the Pinterest Social Media Specialist on the HC E-Board at TCNJ.
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