Why You Should Start Cleaning Out Your Dorm Now

We have finally entered the last few weeks of the semester and if you are going through the same thing as me, it has been one of the most stressful weeks yet. With projects, papers, and final exams approaching, it is important not to forget about the other things that are coming up that may cause some stress down the road.  When I had to move out of my dorm freshman year, I moved all my things out in one day and it was honestly one of the worst things I could have done. It was so stressful trying to organize everything into piles that I would have to carry all the way to the parking garage down the block. This semester I want to be more proactive in my move out process and I suggest that you try to do the same.

If you are as busy and stressed as I am, here are some tips to start cleaning out your dorm now before finals begin:

  1. Collect all the clothes you don’t wear: Although the weather has been super weird these past few weeks, try to make a collection of clothes that you don’t need to have in your closet and pack it away in a suitcase. It will de-clutter your space and make it easier to pack the rest of your clothes in the future.
  2. Throw away the food that you never eat: Do you have some random snacks you know you don’t need or have expired? Throw them out now or pack them away so you aren’t rushing around collecting garbage right before you leave.
  3. Clean out all the papers that you have collected this semester: Every semester my drawers end up being filled with papers and handouts that I probably won’t need again. If they are for your finals obviously keep them, but if you will never use them again collect them and recycle if possible!
  4. Go through the items on your shelves that you won’t need during finals: Personally my desks and shelves are filled with different items like picture frames, mugs, stationary, and other random objects. I know I will not be needing them for the last week so I plan on packing them all in the appropriate piles and hopefully driving them home if I get a chance to take a trip. Although this isn’t possible for everyone, I would definitely suggest taking some time to pack away unnecessary items that are cluttering your space. They may have been used before, but odds are you won’t be needing them when you have a final to be studying for.

All in all, if you have some free time in the next few weeks try to take a minute and pack away some items you won’t need. It may be sad because you know the semester is about to be over, but it will make your life so much easier on the day of your last final when you can just put everything in the car and go home. Good luck with the move out process Collegiettes!

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