Why You Should be Involved on Campus

With each new year of school upon us, we face a new year of interest sessions, club meetings and signing up for more email blasts than we can ever read. But before dismissing some of those activities for more classwork, check in with yourself and see if it is an activity you would enjoy going to. Being involved on campus allows you to explore your interests, make new friends and gain valuable experiences. 

Throughout college, there are clubs for everyone and everything. From event planning, student government, Harry Potter clubs, poetry clubs, writing clubs and more, chances are there is a club for something you are interested in. Joining a club that you only have a passing interest in allows you to explore and see if this is something you can implement into your life outside of college. It can also be a nice break from all of the classwork that can become stressful. Having an outlet and something else to do can help keep you sane throughout the 4 (or more) years on campus.

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Clubs and activities are also a great way to develop leadership skills and gain experience for your resumé. Becoming a member of the executive board for an organization shows dedication and good time management skills, as well as showing employers you are well-rounded and have other interests. Plus, a lot of smaller clubs have low time commitments attached to them, so you can be involved without having to give up too much of your time. 

Making new friends can be hard, and one of the easiest ways to find a group of like-minded individuals is to join an activity. The people you meet in that organization will have similar interests to you and is an easy ice breaker for anyone nervous about talking to strangers. Some of the people you meet can become lifelong friends and make getting through college that much better.

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Getting involved on your college campus can be one of the best decisions you ever make. Meeting new people, developing skills you can use in any aspect of life, and just being involved in something you genuinely enjoy can help make or break your college experience. So go out there and join something!