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It’s no shock that social media networks have taken over people’s lives. Each mainstream site has something different to offer, making them unique in their own way. But Instagram has some competition, since most people love photo sharing apps. Vsco, an up-and-coming photo sharing app, gives Instagram a run for its money, and personally, I think Instagram loses to the less popular alternative. Vsco looks more sophisticated, puts less emphasis on the social aspect of the app, and allows for more creativity in posts. While I don’t think Instagram is going away anytime soon, I think more and more people will start to use both. No wonder why almost every girl has a link to her Vsco account under her Instagram bio.

Better editing options

Not only does Vsco have more editing options and filters for photos than Instagram, but I personally think they are better looking. The presets for Instagram are slightly bland and boring, while Vsco has a mixture of soft and vibrant filters. But, if you’re not a fan of filters, Vsco still has more options for editing different aspects of pictures, like saturation or contrast. Personally, I edit all my pictures on Vsco before I post them on Instagram, because they just look nicer.


You can post as many times as you want in a day

There’s this unwritten rule of Instagram that more than one post a day annoys people. Personally, I don’t post more than one time per week in order to not bombard my followers, and make the content I am posting more memorable and interesting to people who are scrolling. On Vsco, I can post as many pictures as I want from different experiences without annoying my followers. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to follow me because, like I said, follower numbers don’t matter on Vsco and I’m posting more for myself, rather than my followers.


It’s chronological

Honestly, what more could you ask for?


You can repost, so it’s pretty much Twitter and Instagram combined

Instagram makes it very hard to repost other people’s pictures, but on Vsco, you can do it with a click of a button. The picture goes directly to your follower’s feed and also to your collection’s tab, so you can look at it again later. It’s like a retweet and a favorite all in one, but for pictures!

Less about likes, more about art

I’ll admit, I’m crazy about the amount of likes and followers I have on Instagram. If a picture doesn’t get my average amount of likes, I’ll consider taking it down. Also, I find that Instagram pictures I am in do better than the artsier pictures I post. On Vsco, your follower count doesn’t show up on your profile, and no one really pays attention to it,  and artsy pictures are more popular than selfies. So, when I see a stunning sunset or take a picture of something I experience in a day, I’ll post it on Vsco for my own enjoyment rather than to get a ton of likes, like on Instagram.

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Maddi is the current President and Campus Correspondent for HCTCNJ. She is a senior journalism student at The College of New Jersey who loves pugs, napping, and all things food.
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