Why Organizing Anything and Everything Relaxes Me

I know the thought of organizing makes most people jittery, but I feel the opposite. 


In fact, I organize just about everything in my life, and I actually find it quite calming. Having an organized room or an organized backpack makes me feel like I have an organized life, and the process of organizing helps me to de-stress. 


I keep track of everything, from paychecks to finances to probably just about anything you could think of. I know most people would call me crazy but knowing where everything is and having a list just makes me feel better. 


I’m the person who actually enjoys doing my laundry, so that I no longer have dirty clothes sitting in my hamper, and I’m also the person who puts my clothes away as soon as they’re done because having them linger around my room stresses me out. 


Essentially, I feel like organizing is the one thing that I can control, and because there are so many things in life that I can’t control, it’s reassuring. A lot of people find organizing to be very overwhelming, but in my opinion, it gives me a fresh perspective and provides me with the sense that everything is as it should be. 


I don’t want to have a bunch of papers for class thrown in a folder or a pile of stuff all over my bedroom floor, because when I can’t find something, I immediately panic. Knowing exactly where everything is all the time makes me feel like I can relax. 


While I know that prioritizing organization isn’t for everyone, if things have been a bit of a mess lately, try organizing your room, your binder, your kitchen, or literally anything. I feel pretty confident that you will feel better afterward, and it is, in fact, spring-cleaning season. 


So try it out; you never know what could happen. Good luck with your organizing!