Why I’m Not Embarrassed That My Mom is My Best Friend

The friends you make in college are some of the most important people in your life and I wouldn’t trade mine for the world. But, there is one person who tops any friend I could ever make in college- my mom. Having my mom as my best friend is a two in one deal- I have a strong woman to guide me through life but also someone to laugh and joke with along the way. That is why I am not in any way embarrassed that my mom is my best friend- wouldn’t everyone want the relationship my mom and I have?

But it hasn’t always been this great of a friendship. Back in my angsty, preteen days, my mom was more of an enemy than anything else. We disagreed about everything; I never thought we would see eye to eye. It was a rough time in both of our lives- I assumed that I would never have a strong bond with my mom like I saw in movies, and she probably assumed that I would stay stubborn and rebellious for the rest of my life. Luckily, it was only a phase, and I realized that I was stupid to always fight with her.

Now, years later, my mom and I are best of friends. We text each other every day- sometimes a motivational bitmoji to get each other through the week, and other times gossip about something that happened on Facebook. I ask her for advice on all sorts of platforms since she has experience with boys, college, and her twenties, all things I am still trying to figure out. On the other hand, she asks me about the latest trends and happenings so she can relate to the recent college grads at her work on their lunch break.

Coming home for breaks are always exciting, but having my mom as my best friend makes it even better. She greets me with a huge hug and we usually sit together, late at night, and catch up on everything that happened since the last time we saw each other. We go shopping together and always try to plan at least one afternoon when we get together for lunch, just us two. The things we do together are not out of the ordinary for mothers and daughters, it’s what we talk about that makes it a friendship at the same time.

I’m so blessed to have such a special relationship with my mom. She is so wise and independent, I strive to be just like her when I am older. I hope our friendship will only get stronger, and that I can be just like her if I ever have a daughter when I am older. My mother has seen me at my worst, and cheered me on at my best- not only is she my mom, but she is also my best friend and I couldn’t be more grateful.