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Why Fall Should Be Everyones Favorite Season

Every year I look forward to fall because it most definitely is the best season. There is so much to be thankful for when it comes to fall. Here are some reasons as to why fall should not only be my favorite, but everyone’s favorite...

1. Scenery: Fall is known for the beautiful change in color. The leaves go from green to yellow to orange to red and every time I look outside the beauty that surrounds the outdoors amazes me.

2. Best weather: Fall has the best weather. It is not too cold like winter, nor is it too hot like summer.  It is the perfect in-between weather.

3. Best outfits: Sweater weather is by far the best. Luckily, in the fall you can rock all sorts of outfits as long as you pair it with a jacket, cardigan, or boots. 

4. Fall activities: Who doesn’t love apple or pumpkin picking? It’s the best way to get outdoors and get that picture for your Instagram.

5. Halloween: Watching Halloween themed movies, putting up scary décor, dressing up however you want, and loading up on all the candy- Halloween is one of the best holidays and of course it falls during one of the best seasons.

6. Thanksgiving: Another favorite holiday where you get to eat, shop, and spend time with all the people that count. It is also the time that you get to really sit down and count your blessings and be thankful for everything you have in life.

7. Apple and Pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING: From apple pie to pumpkin spiced latte the flavors bounce in your mouth and are a perfect taste of fall.

A current elementary education student at TCNJ. I have a passion for teaching, I love to write, watch TV, I'm a foodie and love anything related to fashion/beauty!
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