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Why Carrie Bradshaw is the Worst Character in Sex and the City

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

Sex and the City is one of my favorite shows of all time, but as I rewatch the show every six months, I notice a lot of flaws with the show. One of the biggest flaws is Carrie Bradshaw. Here I list five reasons why she was the worst character on the show and the most selfish friend in the group. 

Her toxic relationship with Big. 

Now there are some very heartfelt moments between Carrie and Big, but the majority of the relationship was unbearable. Big dragged her around and barely placed any effort into the relationship. Then he runs to Paris, randomly gets married because she’s “uncomplicated,” and Carrie still ends up backsliding. She never stopped bringing him up in conversations but also pretended like she was always over him. 

The fact that she spent more money on shoes than her actual rent.

The fact that there was an entire episode dedicated to how she spent $40,000 on shoes, but could not afford her apartment anymore says a lot about her idea of adulting. Throughout the entire show, she was spending more money on products she could not afford, but then would continuously complain about it. She wasn’t broke, just financially illiterate – she knew that and still continued her habits instead of trying to learn more independence (like Samantha and Miranda). 

She cheated on Aidan Shaw!

This was probably Carrie’s only real healthy relationship and she decides to cheat on him with her most toxic one. The entire relationship she disregarded his feelings and led him on till the very last moment. She never wanted to get married, yet, she said yes, then wore the ring around her neck because it was “more special” this way. The worst of it is when she convinced him to buy her apartment and the apartment next door and then continuously cheated on him. He even got her to quit smoking! 

She paraded Stanford around like an accessory.

There was a lot of political incorrectness on this show, but it was a different time. Despite this, she was still a bad friend towards Stanford. His only purpose in her life was to fill the “gay best friend” role. She never listened to his relationship or career issues and used his connections for her personal gain. 

She hogged all the conversations with her friends about her own “problems.”

I can name countless moments when Carrie didn’t care about anyone but herself, but right now I’ll only name a few. She sent Aidan to help Miranda after she fell in the shower because she couldn’t handle it herself and then apologized with bagels? She also got extremely upset with Charlotte when Charlotte didn’t offer to pay for her rent despite Charlotte not being financially responsible for her. Lastly, when Samantha had cancer, all Carrie could talk about was Alex Petrovsky. Overall, Carrie is just a selfish friend.


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