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Who loves the Far East Movement?

Far East Movement, the Asian American group from Los Angeles’ Korea Town, exploded onto the charts all across the United States. Following this musical trend, my best friend introduced me to “Like a G6.” After hearing the song I can honestly admit that I already knew I would have an obsession with Far East Movement.

After I realized that they had another song and video released, I looked for it. This is when I came across “ Rocketeer” and its video. I liked the interracial couple in the video and the actual images, however, I didn’t love the song.

The most recent video that I have seen from them has been “ If I was you (OMG)” featuring Snoop Dogg. I heard it the first time and thought to myself, “The lyrics sound so incredibly stupid.” And don’t get me wrong, I still sort of think that but to a much lesser degree. Then again if I were listening to Far East Movement for lyrical content, then I may need a serious brain-check.

Aside from the lyrics being an initial turn-off, the fact that Snoop Dogg was in there was definitely not helping. Every time I see Snoop Dogg, the thought of half-naked women being fondled by some skinny weirdo tossing money around pops into my head. Though this video was no exception to the fondling and overly sexualized screen time that Snoop Dogg gets, it was slightly refreshing to see Asian guys getting some play time and being the main focus. This may be more of a “No duh! It’s their video,” but stop and think about it for a second.

The video itself went along great to the beat and the raps from the song, though I feel that Ken Nish’s voice always signals a sexy part within the video. The chorus was catchy after a few plays. I felt as though this song managed to grow claws and attach itself into my brain just because I could not replay this song enough to satisfy the quota that my ears and mind had set.

Overall, I feel that the video could borrow some ideas from “Rocketeer” just because the whole “ club scene” is a little played out in hip-hop videos. I recommend allowing the song to take its time to grow on you and the video will soon follow, especially if you’re like me and have a thing for cute Asian guys with nice voices.

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