What the Holiday Season Means to Me

The holiday season is finally upon us, and throughout these next two months, many families will spend Thanksgiving together eating at the dinner table, many children will sit on Santa’s lap, and many people will be buying gifts for their loved ones. The holiday season consists of shopping, parties, movies and music, baking cookies, and so much more. But when you ask people what the holiday season means to them, you’ll probably get a different answer from every individual. For me, the holiday season means being grateful for the little things.

Life can be so hectic sometimes that we forget to cherish the moments we have with our family and friends or the times when we can just relax and do nothing at all. I’m confident that there’s nothing better than sitting down with a cup of hot chocolate to watch a Christmas movie with your mom or playing some Christmas music in your car on your way to the grocery store. Even more so than holiday shopping at the mall, going to a holiday party, or participating in a holiday parade, I find small gestures that represent the holiday spirit to be the most important because this is a time of giving.

Many companies and organizations participate in charity donations like Toys For Tots, and even as individuals, we can donate our time to homeless shelters or donate winter coats and gloves to those that are less fortunate than us. Regardless of whether or not people celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc., I’ve always noticed that everyone is a bit happier and friendlier during this time of year, and that puts a smile on my face because we all deserve some cheerfulness in our lives.

So spend the rest of 2018 with family and friends decorating, cooking, and giving to others because that’s what holidays are all about. I wish you and your family the greatest holiday season, and I hope it is filled with joy, happiness, and love.