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What Every Transfer Should Know

Congratulations on being one of the very few transfers accepted into TCNJ this year! As a fellow transfer, I am here to demystify (and warn you about) the process of becoming a part of the TCNJ community.

1. Don’t be alarmed by your freshman-like naïveté in your
upperclassman body.
It’s all right if you get lost, just ask someone instead of wandering around and showing up late to class. Other students won’t care if you ask a question, but professors will definitely dislike your tardiness. Also, don’t venture into Eickhoff alone until you know what you’re doing. Nobody likes wanderers who slow down the flow.

2. You’re not diseased.
Don’t be discouraged by the sound of disgust in the other students’ voices when he or she says, “transfer” like a nasty, easily transmitted disease. If you transferred from a community college, just think about the thousands and thousands of dollars you saved (and throw it into conversation when you get a chance). If you didn’t transfer from a community college, you won’t be judged as harshly.

3. Try, try again.
If Records and Registration refuses to accept your classes as anything other than liberal learning, try, try again. Wear them down with e-mails, syllabi from the classes, professor recommendations and, if necessary, tears. Occasionally stopping by with a nice smile and a, “Did you get my e-mail?” won’t hurt either.

4. Get involved!
Don’t hibernate in your room. Go to the Activities Fair on September 7 and sign up for anything that interests you. You can always remove your name from the e-mail list or attend one meeting and find that it is not for you, but that is better than hibernating. Chances are you will find similar people with similar interests.

5. Don’t doubt your knowledge.
You are prepared, occasionally more so than your classmates, and since you’re in a new place, you probably have more enthusiasm. Take advantage of your newfound passion for school by participating in class discussions and writing really good papers.

Once you figure out all the intricacies of the transfer process, you will have time to embrace all the campus has to offer. And in the words of Andy Grammer, “I know it’s hard to remember sometimes, but you gotta keep your head up…”

If you have any questions, comment below and Allison will get back to you!

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