Welcome Week TCNJ: Advice and Etiquette

By: Alyssa J Freitas

Ahh, Welcome Week. What TCNJ student does not remember that fun, nerve-racking, exciting time at the start of their college careers? Ambassadors and CAs run around, getting everyone involved and plan a ton of activities. Through these events and activities, freshmen are able to get to know one another and begin to make some of the friends they will be with for the next four years. As great as Welcome Week is, there are some things you should keep in mind to ensure that you start your freshmen year off right!

Don’t do anything stupid. I know that’s a very obvious piece of advice, but it is wicked important! This first week of freedom is the perfect time to go out of your comfort zone, talk to new people and try new things. It is not, however, the time to make bad choices and exercise your newfound freedom to the extreme. There is nothing worse than being the person who didn’t know her limits and made a fool of herself during week one.

Smile! If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and nervous, which I can guarantee you is how EVERYONE else is feeling, take a deep breath and smile. Not only will having a happy face make you look more friendly and approachable, it will also subconsciously make you feel better.

You never know whom you are talking to. Remember that you don’t really know anyone and they don’t know you, so be sure to tread carefully in all of your conversations and interactions. This is not the time to have heated political debates or discuss religious affiliation. Take this time, before classes begin, to get to know your fellow students on a social level and leave the more sensitive and intellectual discussions for a time when you know everyone better.

Participate! Granted, a lot of the activities this week are silly (dancing with random people at Playfair anyone?) but it is far better to fully participate than to abstain because you are too cool. Everyone is looking to make friends and fit in, and who wouldn’t want to be friends with the girl who can have fun in any situation and who isn’t afraid to act a bit foolish in good fun.

Be safe. You will be presented with opportunities to do things that your moral compass will tell you are not right or safe. Please listen to it!

This is going to be a great week! Have fun, meet friends and make good decisions. Welcome to TCNJ!