From Welcome Week to Senior Week: Brian Garsh, Senior Class President

The President of the Senior Class, Brian Garsh, enters his last semester as president and shares what the last semester will have in store for seniors (including some Senior Week details!), as well as his favorite things about his role and his classmates.

Garsh, with the help of the Senior Class Council, have planned various events for the semester ahead to help seniors transition into adulthood. “Events we have include our Real-Life Series, a 50 Days to Graduation Celebration, Senior Nights, and of course, Senior Week,” he said.

Putting on events like Senior Week for his classmates, as well as many others throughout the past four years, has become what Garsh loves most about being president.  “When I see students at our class events having a good time or learning something, I know that we have been successful as a class council in organizing that particular event,” Brian said.

Although this year’s events will be different than they have been in the past, Garsh said, “Senior Week will definitely be something that seniors do not want to miss!” He explained that Senior Week will begin the same Tuesday that finals end with a night out to Craft House. The following day will include the celebrity key note speaker, a picnic, champagne toast and gala, he said.

A night out at Rho Waterfront will occur the night after Commencement, and during Senior Week, seniors will be housed where they lived throughout the year. Garsh explains that the Senior Class Council is working to create packages for seniors to choose the extent to which they will be participating in events throughout Senior Week.

What Garsh will miss the most about his role after graduation is the opportunity to meet so many students from the senior class. Garsh said, “We are such a diverse group of students with different backgrounds and varying aspirations. I will definitely miss seeing these people that I’ve gotten to know so well over the past four years.”

Garsh describes the senior class that he has come to love as unique for not being afraid to challenge the status quo or push boundaries. “We are definitely not a class that likes to accept mediocrity; we like to challenge ourselves and each other to do better,” he said.

Garsh also commends the class for accomplishing so many things over the years. “Our class has left its mark on TCNJ’s campus, and I think we’ve paved the way for future classes in a lot of areas, including academics, athletics, and extra-curricular activities.”

To future students, Garsh urges younger students to get involved. His advice: “Getting involved is the only way to meet new people, gain experiences outside of the classroom and make a difference.”