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Wear the World with Serengetee This Earth Day


Earth Day is on April 22, but how do you plan on paying homage to Mother Nature? Shop! This year, you can look and feel good about your spring style choices by wearing Serengetee. Founded by a group of college students in 2012, Serengetee is a clothing company that makes shirts adorned with pocket squares that represent different global fabric patterns.

The creators of Serengetee travelled to over 30 different countries while participating in a program abroad. These students toured marketplaces in these diverse nations and found the fabric patterns in these countries to be quite compelling. Once back stateside, the founders transformed their vision into a concrete mission. Serengetee’s mission aims to connect citizens of the globe through these various fabric patterns while also giving back to the areas where the design inspirations materialize. Beyond supporting the local artisans of these regions, Serengetee aims to educate the public about the conflicts that plague many of these areas.

An intriguing aspect that makes this company rather innovative relates to the fact that each fabric pattern created is matched with a cause from the region where the fabric is made. Thirteen percent of each purchase goes back to the correlating region and its supporting foundation. Serengetee is currently partnered with 50 foundations across the globe.

The tabs on their website allow you to shop by color, pattern, region and even by cause. There are over 20 different vibrant and colorful fabric options. Each rich pattern reflects the unique colors and culture of a country. The fabric pattern of your choice will be placed as a pocket square on your shirt. The shirts come in black and white and various other styles. Choose from crew neck, v-neck, tank-top, racer-back, long-sleeve or crop-top styles. Prices for the shirts range from $24 to $28, depending on the style.

Although Serengetee currently only produces shirts, in the next few years Serengetee aims to make handbags, bracelets and develop a children’s line. A rather young company, Serengetee has made a statement in the eco-friendly fashion world and will continue to prosper as its support-base increases. Wear the World!




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