We Love Our Moms!

Mother’s Day is approaching fast collegiettes! You may have forgotten to save the date (Sunday, May 11!) with all the craziness of finals and an ending semester, but you can’t forget to celebrate this special day with your mom!

We rely on our mothers all the time, and sometimes we forget just how much they do and what they really mean to us. Recently the “world’s hardest job” video has been circulating the Internet, and if you haven’t seen it, you should definitely watch for a great description of our moms.

Whether it be taking care of you when you’re sick and gross with a fever in the middle of the night, or the long phone call ranting to her about your bad test grade, an annoying guy, or the passive aggressive notes your roommate leaves you, our moms are always there for us. We should definitely all take the chance this Mother’s Day to remind them that we appreciate all they do for us.

So why do we love our moms? I for one can’t thank my mom enough for all she does. She’s been my date on Valentine’s Day when I was boyfriend-less. She’s the best shopping buddy in the world because she’ll be brutally honest in the dressing room, but always surprise me by letting me buy something she knows that I am can’t afford because she saw me staring at it and holding it in the store.

My mom is the best lunch date there is because she’ll go for whatever I want whether it’s Panera, a stop at Starbucks, a sit-down restaurant, or just McDonald’s. She’ll make car rides doing boring errands to CVS to get toilet paper fun by chatting away and giving me the latest gossip on the rest of town. She’ll also take the time to become BFFs with all of my friends at school. She’s downloaded practically every social media I have from Twitter to Instagram to SnapChat just to stay connected with me.

Our moms are our number one fans, the best supporters we have, the ones who know us the best, and the ones we always turn to when we’re at our worst.

Although there are times when we fight with our moms and disagree completely, she’s the best friend that I know I will always have. All of us can’t help but feel completely lost without our moms: from classic moments like when she tells you she’ll be right back when you’re in the grocery store and it’s time to pay the cashier, or when you come down with a fever in college and all you want is your mom to make you soup and take care of you.

They’re there no matter what and would be willing to do anything for you. So it’s important not to take everything our moms do for granted. So forget about your mom’s sometimes cringe-worthy Facebook posts, and remember the times when you were 13 and she dropped you off a block away from your friends because you were embarrassed of her.    

Remember all the late nights she stayed up waiting for you to come home to talk about your first date, the school dance, or the latest details of your friends. Take Mother’s Day to show your mom how much she means to you and that you really do appreciate everything she does. Because at the end of the day, we love our moms!