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Top Korean Skincare Products to Try

Many of us have seen or heard about how Korean skincare has ten steps in the morning and night. While their skin is something I strive for, I can barely get myself to wash my face, yet alone do ten steps of skincare. However, I bought some of the most talked about skincare in Korea. Here are some that are worth the hype:

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Collagen Mask:

You might have seen this packaging from the famous carbonated bubble clay mask. I was shocked when I saw so few reviews for this online, because it turned out to be the #1 seller on Korean skincare websites. Some use this as an overnight mask while others use this as their daily moisturizer. I noticed my forehead wrinkles have diminished greatly after using this as a moisturizer. But, be careful, because Amazon does sell fakes!

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COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence:Essence is one of the key steps in Korean skincare that’s applied in the morning and evening. Snail mucus is a key ingredient found in their skincare because of its extreme moisture. I found that the product had little scent, wasn’t very sticky, and even faded away a few acne scars I had.

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Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask:This product was a miracle. No matter what cleanser, facial, or pore strip I get, I will always have blackheads forming. During last semester, I would never put on foundation because I would be so self-conscious over how the foundation would seep into my pores or just emphasize the blackheads. I apply this mask just on my t-zone three times a week and rinse it off in the shower. My pores are a lot smaller, and my nose has never felt smoother.

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Tony Moly skin masks:

They target different things: so you can pick and choose what your skin needs. My trick is to put this on before I go to sleep, leave it on for twenty minutes, and wake up to glowing skin. My favorites are the masks that target radiance and brightening – since my skin gets duller as the semester goes on as I get less sleep.

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