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Top 10 Twitter Accounts Worth Tweeting About

Though I was initially hesitant to hop on the bandwagon, Twitter has quickly become my favorite website over the past year. For some reason, it’s usually much more entertaining than my Facebook newsfeed. Whether it makes me laugh or actually informs me about what’s going on in the world, it’s a great way to social network.

Want to take your Twitter up a notch? Here’s a list of accounts you should be following:

1. Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost ) – This “internet newspaper” is among my favorite virtual news sources. I especially enjoy the @HuffPoWomen account, which spotlights women-related stories and is perfect for any fellow feminists.

* Buzzfeed is another page with a hodgepodge of news. Usually it’s gossipy, but other times it’s downright interesting.

2. 90s Girl Problems (@90sgirlproblem) – Remember the days of Dunkaroos, Tamagotchis, and Full House? This nostalgic page won’t let you forget the days of your childhood.

3. A Milania Parody (@TheFauxMilaniaG) – Admittedly I’ve never watched the “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” so I may not even appreciate this to its full potential, but a fake Twitter account of Teresa Giudice’s daughter is one of the funniest things I’ve read. A mockery of this melodramatic child makes me laugh with its brilliance and brashness.

4. Ed 2010 (@Ed2010News) – Any students interested in interning in the magazine industry should definitely follow this page! Throughout the day, an expert named “Ed” posts links to info about which companies are looking for interns.

* The New York Women in Communications account is another asset to females interested in the communications field, and usually holds weekly live chats with experts in the industry.

5. Drake Rhymes (@Drake_rhymes) – I’ve been a fan of Drake ever since he played the role of Jimmy Brooks on the Canadian TV show, “Degrassi.” As someone who enjoys his music, I appreciate this Twitter account for its not-so-subtle spoofing of his tendency to rhyme.

* Not only do I enjoy rhyming, but admittedly, I love a good pun. Though corny, the tweets from @omgthatspunny are clever.

6. She’s The First (@shesthefirst) – There’s more to Twitter than hashtags and trending topics. The site can be a powerful connecting force for nonprofit organizations. She’s The First helps send girls in third-world countries to school and mostly spreads its message through social media. (Added bonus? Its founder is a TCNJ grad!)

7. Patrick Star (@Patrick_Star) – Spongebob’s sidekick has his own verified account. Sure, everyone loves Mr. Squarepants (who also has his own page!), but Patrick is simply more amusing. What else could you expect from someone who resides under a rock?

8. Hello Giggles (@hellogiggles) – Zooey Deschanel is one of the founders of this fun website for females. As its website description explains, it is “the ultimate entertainment destination for smart, independent and creative females.” What’s not to love?

9. TCNJ Problems (@TCNJPROBLEMS) – Chances are you’re not the only one infuriated when the C-Store’s milkshake machine is out of order. And who hasn’t gotten stuck awkwardly behind one of the vehicles on the sidewalk when walking to class? This account retweets students’ gripes and can be a great read.

* While these are fun and from a students’ perspective, following TCNJ’s actual Twitter can keep you up-to-date with what’s going on at our school. TCNJ Admissions also has its own page.

10. Her Campus TCNJ (@HerCampusTCNJ) – Sorry, but I had to plug it. If you enjoy seeing our content on this site, why not be the first to know about the newest stories right in your Twitterfeed? Stay in the know about Her Campus events, meetings, and more.

* Also check out the official Her Campus twitter for updates and stories from branches across the country. College Candy is another follow-worthy site for collegiettes.

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