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TikTok Talk: Mackenzie Ziegler on Judging Online Relationships

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Big-name celebrities with huge followings are aware of the visibility they experience, especially in their personal lives. It is not uncommon for society to gossip constantly about the relationships, family life, and drama of celebrities, particularly when celebrities are willing and open to sharing this intimate side.

Mackenzie Ziegler, 19-year-old singer, actress, and former dancer, whose fame skyrocketed at an early age with her appearance alongside her sister, Maddie Ziegler, on the hit reality television show, Dance Moms, recently expressed her thoughts on relationship rumors and celebrity gossip. Since her departure from the show in 2016, she has dedicated more time to her music career and acting, while also generating a significant following on Instagram and TikTok. Her TikTok account has over 23 million followers, but she also has a second, smaller account with only 1 million followers that is private. This account was open for a short period, and Ziegler has since made it private to keep the audience of that account more close-knit and intimate.

On April 19, Mackenzie posted a TikTok on her smaller account, @/wtfiskenz, stating her feelings on the gossip surrounding her dating life. In the nearly four-minute video, Mackenzie addresses the weird obsession that society has with her relationships, both past and present. In early November of 2023, breakup rumors surfaced regarding Mackenzie and her ex, Tacoda Dubbs, and the suspicions were proven true.

In late February of 2024, Mackenzie went on the infamous Tarte Trip to Bora Bora with several other influencers, and it appears that she brought along a new man, Cole Sage, whom she was looking extra cozy with. People were judgmental and quick to assume that she moved on from Tacoda fast, however, Mackenzie aimed to defend herself in this TikTok post.

She claimed that she has been getting many comments such as, “Oh my god she moved on so quick” and “This girl needs help, she has daddy issues,” which were upsetting her because she does not understand why people are bothered by it so much when it doesn’t affect their lives. Mackenzie continued to say that many celebrities move on from previous relationships. She believes it is normal for her to learn what she wants in a partner and grow from each relationship. Mackenzie continued to argue that “I also am a very independent person and when I get hurt, I pick myself up and move on because I’m not going to sit in my bed and cry over a man.” She admits that she loves people very hard, and when that love is betrayed, she knows that person is no longer worth her time.

Mackenzie wishes people would not comment about her “daddy issues” because it is so “crazy” to make comments about that and attach her “daddy issues” to her relationships. She emphasizes that no one else has ever been a part of her relationships and no one has any idea about what happened in those relationships. Mackenzie believes people should mind their own business: “I get comments like this and then I realize, ‘Wow, maybe I should just keep all of this private because people always have something to say and can’t just let other people be happy'”.

Though many celebrities understand that their relationships can draw a lot of attention, Mackenzie’s choice to speak out about it and how it affects her is admirable. Instead of ignoring these disrespectful comments, she is addressed them appropriately and thoughtfully.

Natalie Ciarricco is a senior English major with minors in Communications and Management at TCNJ! She is a huge foodie and is obsessed with pop music, dancing, journaling, and traveling. She hopes to become a Project Manager after graduation and grow her professional experience!