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Things Type A Personalities Understand

1. Getting excited just to go and buy a planner:Source: Giphy

2. You have your life planned out for the next couple of years in detail: Source: Giphy

3. When an assignment in given in class, you head over to the library to crack on it immediately: Source: Giphy

4. Your friends are always amazed that you have your day planned by the hour:Source: Giphy

5. You get nervous and jittery when you don’t finish what was on your daily to-do list:Source: Giphy

6. You have to purposely schedule fun or relaxing things to do to help you de-stress: Source: Giphy

…And even those fun things get penciled in by the hour and in your planner.

7. When people describe you, they call you “competitive.” But you know that your main competition is yourself, because only you can beat you.Source: Giphy

8. You contemplate if you even have blood, because at this point it’s all coffee.  Source: Giphy

9. 24 hours are way too little for one day.

Source: Giphy

10. You can’t stand when someone says they did nothing all weekend. …how do they live with themselves?

Source: Giphy

11. You get nervous for your friends when they tell you how they didn’t start a project that’s due the next day.

Source: Giphy

12. If there is a group project, you will do all the work. You might complain that your partners didn’t do anything, but you secretly know that you wouldn’t have let them TOUCH that project anyways.

Source: Giphy

But at the end of the day, you know that no one can color code, hourly plan, and cross-reference their planner and future the way you do:  

Source: Giphy

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