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Recently, there have been multiple people raving about the content creator Tara Yummy, especially on TikTok. Clips of her have been trending, and multiple edits of her have been made with the song “Yummy” by Ayesha Erotica.

She has been active on YouTube since April 2019, which currently has 1.5 million followers. On her YouTube channel, she uploads vlogs about different life events. She has also collaborated with YouTubers such as Vereena Sayed, Kian Lawley and JC Caylen. Lawley and Caylen used to be in an organization of YouTubers called O2L, Our Second Life, which Tara admitted that she was a fan of the group and that it influenced her to start her own account. She also makes frequent appearances on the Dropouts podcast with hosts Zach Justice, Indiana Massara and Jared Bailey. 

Alongside being a content creator, she is also a stand up comedian. According to Celeb Secrets, she booked her first show at the Flapper’s Comedy Club in Burbank in May 2022, and received a positive response with a sold-out show. “I’ve always wanted to do some sort of standup comedy, and [this show] was just putting my foot in the door,” Tara said in an interview with Celeb Secrets. She hosted her first stand up comedy tour Selling Myself Short from January to March 2023. Her last stop to LA ended up selling out and many people enjoyed her shows.

So, where did all of this sudden hype come from? One explanation is that she is very confident with herself. The quote “Tara Yummy is a mindset” has been all over TikTok, and people have also been copying her makeup look. It’s clear that a lot of people look up to her and appreciate how confident she is. Her confidence seems to be encouraging others to be confident in themselves. Alongside her confidence, she is also naturally funny and has an outgoing personality, which draws more even attention to her. 

In an interview with J-14, she shares her goals for the future. “I am so enamored and just shocked with everything that’s going on that I can just hope and pray that in the future, it just keeps growing and I get to keep making girls laugh,” she said. “Hopefully I just grow Yummy Nation. That’s all I can hope for.” 

With Tara’s successful avenues in the YouTube, Instagram and comedy world, she is taking the internet by storm. I look forward to seeing her become more of an internet sensation in the future.

Jenna is a Junior at TCNJ and is a Journalism/Professional Writing and Communication Studies Major. She goes by She/They pronouns. Their hobbies consist of playing the violin, playing the guitar, writing, and reading.