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A doctor, a librarian, and skin care collector, Rebeca Jefferson’s methodical routine has left her with a wrinkle free complexion at 40. “I started using moisture with SPF in it when I was fifteen every day, like religion. I started using eye cream when I was your age”, said Jefferson. For reference I’m 22 and happen to use the same eye cream as Rebeca, the Kiehl’s avocado eye cream.

I met Rebeca while I was doing research for a journalism project, which was unfortunately very boring and required for class, but I was excited to find a well dressed librarian who happened to also be a medical doctor and skin care junkie with exceptional skin. 

What’s your current routine?

“Right now I’m between cleansers since it’s the transitional season. I’m using my spring cleanser which is Ursa Major’s cleanser. I love the cleanser because I have combination skin that’s very acne prone and it’s just enough on the acne but it’s not drying. I  use that in the morning only.

 I follow that up with the Theyers Witch Hazel Toner, which I think is still the best honestly. I never use a toner with alcohol, I think its way too drying and way to harsh for most people. My whole thing with skin care is you have to find what works for you the same thing is never going to work for two people. I’m pro witch hazel and I know its a controversial skin care ingredient. 

Then I used a vitamin C serum in the morning. I’ve cycled through so many brands right now I’m using the Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum. I like their retinol one for night time. I was using the Ordinary’s retinol serum for a really long time and I love the Ordinary don’t get me wrong ,but I think that Mad Hippie has got the right strength of retinol which is crucial. It’s all about varying the concentration of retinol. My ability to tolerate retinol over the years has changed. 

In the summer I use Guardian Angel SPF. Its from a brand called Solara Sun Care its a liquid sunscreen. It’s got all these oils in it so it’s just moisturizing enough and it’s also spf 30. Its a zinc barrier style sunscreen. I only use eye cream at night. Right now I’m using an eye cream  that’s super expensive. It’s also Ursa Major. I like it but I’m not sure if it’s worth the price. It’s 56 dollars which is a lot. I would say start using an eye cream in your 20s and you will reap the rewards later.” 

What Was Your FIrst Skin Care Routine?

“I started skin care in the 90’s when I was fifteen. The routine I had was the Clinique 3-step skin care routine. The only product I stuck with was the Dramatically Different moisturizer. That stuff is so good. That’s the only thing I stuck with because the Clinique lady saw my acne and recommended the maximum one which was actually too harsh and irritated my skin and the acne got worse.”

What’s Your Favorite Product RIght Now?

“I just love skin care. There’s this cream from shea moisture that whenever it comes out on the Target website it sells out immediately and I get salty if I don’t get some. It’s the cannabis hemp moisturizer  it comes in a yellow bottle and I have some at home right now, it’s wonderful. It’s one of the best day moisturizers I’ve ever used. It never breaks me out. I think it’s the hemp in it because it’s very soothing.”

What’s One Product That’s Not Made Anymore That You WIsh You Could Bring Back?

“This is going to sound a little like a conspiracy theory but I’m convinced that Kiehl’s Ultra facial moisturizer is different now than it was when I was your age. The thing is Kiehls the company was sold, and changed ownership. I’m convinced it’s a little bit different now. The texture changed it actually used to be that I would use the Kiehls only in the winter and use the Clinique Dramatically Different in the summer because it was thicker. It’s not as thick anymore as it used to be I am convinced, but I have no evidence to back up this claim though. I was in college in the early 2000s and I went to NYU. That’s when I discovered Kiehl’s because I liked going to the Kiehl’s store and it’s different now (the moisturizer). I wish I had some of the old version.

Marie is an up and coming fashion journalist and stylist. She graduated from County College of Morris with an associates in fashion design. She is Currently attending The College of New Jersey as journalism major.