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The Stages of Registering for TCNJ Housing

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

It’s that time of year….HOUSING. 

You sign up for on-campus housing and patiently wait for a time slot.

And then receiving your time slot either goes like


Then you scheme about where you want to live, with whom and debate how you possibly could fit all 10 of your friends into the same Townhouse.

So naturally, you plan 17 different options for housing.

And then there is nothing left to do but wait for registration day.

Finally, registration day is here! You wait in nervous anticipation all day for your time slot.

 You’re logged on and ready to go-you’re time slot has arrived. Game time. 

Click click click as fast as you can!

Ahh what?! You freak out because right now all 17 of the housing plans you’ve made for where you could live just don’t seem to be working out. NOTHING is working. You’re doomed. You might as well be living in a box outside of Eickoff.

Ahh why isn’t it working!?!?

Just kidding -you realized you were clicking the wrong button.

And finally you’ve selected it!

Phew, that was stressful.

But it’s over! You’ve got your housing assignment for next year! Time to celebrate!