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Spring Concert Preview: Big Sean and Mac Miller

By Ashley Thomas


This Friday, TCNJ will be holding its annual spring concert allowing students to experience the styles of Big Sean and Mac Miller. These two artists have been hitting the rap scene hard with major hits since 2011, getting people dancing and rapping along with them to some of their many popular songs. If you are gearing up for this weekend of fun, start catching up on some of their hits so you are prepared to dance the night away!

 Big Sean is best known for his albums “Finally Famous: The Album” and “Hall of Fame: Memoirs of a Detroit Player.” Within these two albums include his hits “Dance (A$$),” “My Last,” “Marvin and Chardonnay,” “Guap” and “I Do It,” not to mention he has collaborated on the songs “Clique” and “Mercy” with Kanye West and has also collaborated with other artists like Chris Brown and Mike Posner.

 Likewise, Mac Miller is most famous for his albums “Best Day Ever” and “Blue Side Park.” Within these include his monster hits “Donald Trump,” “Loud,” “Knock Knock” and “Party on Fifth Ave.” Did you know he hails from Pittsburg, PA?!

 Both of these artists have been able to hit the party scenes and get the crowd jumping, and no doubt they’ll have our campus on its feet this Friday. This musical combo will definitely be one performance to remember. Now that you are fully equipped, go jam out to these hits and get ready for the live rap session!  

 Photo courtesy of C.U.B. 

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