Sparky Solano: Model and Memory Maker

Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole” – Roger Caras

Also referred to as Sparky Clarky, Beagle boy, and Cutie Patootie, Sparky answers to all names, especially if your holding treats!

Not many people can say their dog has a better Instagram than they do, but for me, it's a fact. If my dog Sparky had an Instagram, he’d get three times as many likes. He keeps up with trends and poses in front of sunflower fields and is able to model along the tides at a beach. He is even able to pull off a silly Instagram worthy selfie on the first try (no editing needed).

Besides being the most photogenic dog I know, Sparky is kind and welcoming to anyone and any animal. He is there for you after a long day of work/school, and always is there when you want to spill the latest tea.

Sparky has been the greatest addition to my family and has been with us for 11 years. He has created so many memories with us, from graduating puppy school at Petco to undoing our suitcases when we would pack for a vacation he couldn't join us on. I can’t remember a moment without him.

Throughout the years he has become bilingual -- learning English, as well as Spanish. All the neighbors know Sparky for his specific howl and his collection of winter sweaters. In his mind, he believes he’s protecting the neighborhood and looking good while doing it.

Some of Sparky’s favorite activities involve long walks at the park and chasing squirrels. He’ll always be there for you and enjoys turning a negative day into a positive one, filled with cuddles and kisses. He has a big heart with a place for everyone.

The benefits one person can attain from having a dog can go a mile long. I’m grateful for Sparky and his welcoming, funny, and spectacular personality. Not only does he take amazing pictures, but with each one comes a memory I will never forget. Sparky will always hold an important place in my heart. Without him, my life would be a little less sparkly.