Sailor J- Your New Youtube Obsession

YouTube is one of the biggest media platforms on the internet, and there are so many content creators now that it is hard to find anything new. However, there is one new creator who is a must watch; JJ Smith. At only 21, JJ Smith, or Sailor J is the youtuber every college student needs to watch. She is honest, ambitious and downright hilarious in all her videos.

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What makes Sailor J special is that her voice is uniquely genuine, untouched by the politics of YouTube and internet fame, she makes content that she cares about and likes. The creativity of each of her videos makes each one stand out. She has a variety of videos that feature a college student breakdown to satirical makeup videos that call out cultural appropriation. What makes Sailor J’s humor stand out is the casualness of it. There is not a trace of scripted or forced jokes, anyone watching can tell that she thinks its funny and because of that it’s funny to so many other people as well.

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What personally drew me to Sailor J was her confidence, it was obvious that she posted videos she liked and did not care what people thought. She is a proud feminist, who can easily blend topical themes in with humor. And in this current political state a little humor is what we all need. I could see myself in her, and I am certain that the rest of her audience feels the same.

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She is more than just a youtuber, Sailor J is also an aspiring writer, willing to share parts of her journey with her audience. I think this is also what draws in her audience. College students can relate to her as young people with dreams and aspirations. And there is a sense of mutual support in the community she has built around her videos. Watching a Sailor J video feels more like talking to a best friend than watching a YouTube video.

I hope you give her a chance and to get you as obsessed with her as I am, here are my top five favorite Sailor J Videos:

1) Getting a Man 101

This is the video that started it all. In her debut video Sailor J makes her iconic satirical makeup look. This one discusses the myth that women wear makeup to get a man.

2) How to do College

While I didn’t make this number one- this is my favorite video of hers, probably because I was going through my own college breakdown when I was watching it. It is a must watch for every student.

3) Drunk Book Review: Twilight

This is the second installment of her Drunk Book Reviews series. This is one of her longest videos reaching ten minutes, and I promise every minute is well worth your time. If you hate twilight you will love this. If you love twilight, I hope you have a good sense of humor.

4) How to be Hufflepuff

This is the second in the Hogwarts house series, and in my opinion the best one. If you are expecting a bunch of Hufflepuff stereotypes, you thought wrong. Her take on Hufflepuff is by far the most original and accurate portrayal I’ve ever seen. Share it with any Potterhead in your life.


This video is a lot more different than any of her other videos but equally as humorous. This fifty-four second skit is an original take on a jealous wife.

If you fell in love with her too follow her on Instagram and twitter @slaylerj for even more hilarious and topical content.