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Riley Rose: The New up and Coming “Specialty Multi” Beauty Store to Look Out for

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

For years, Sephora and Ulta have reigned as the hubs for all things beauty, but there is a new superstore in town—and it shows great potential!

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Riley Rose is described as a “beauty and lifestyle universe, offering a curated selection of new and cult beauty brands, and the latest in home décor and accessories” and it is also a daughter brand of Forever 21. The first Riley Rose store opened near LA last October. Linda and Esther Chang, the daughters of the Forever 21 founders, are running the new project and wanted a freestanding beauty store that would appeal to millennials and Gen Z. This is a smart marketing tactic since millennials and Gen Z make up a huge portion of consumers in the beauty market today.

A feature that sets Riley Rose apart from its competition is how it specializes in indie or “Instagram” beauty brands that consumers are obsessed with. For instance, brands like Beauty Bakerie and Black Moon Cosmetics. 

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According to Fashionista, the up and coming beauty superstore was designed to be the ultimate ‘homage to millenials’, and the proof is all in the aesthetic. From the second you walk in to the moment you leave, you are surrounded by bright pink hues, vanity mirrors with the perfect selfie lighting, and backdrops within the store well suited for a very “influencer-esque” photo-op. Riley Rose also stocks everything from Korean face masks to stationary to the cutest eyeshadow palettes you have ever laid eyes on. According to Racked.com, the beauty superstore has locations in various states across the country such as California, New York, and Texas and is expanding rapidly.  

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Fashionista describes Riley Rose’s target audience as “any consumer that is really interested about the newest products, the products that are most talked about from all around the world”. As if this wasn’t good enough, their store is plastered with video beauty tutorials streaming everywhere you look, so it’s very hard not to get inspired! Not only is Riley Rose a breath of fresh air for the beauty marketplace, but it is great for any makeup junkie that wants a little more convenience when it comes to hunting down their favorite cult products. And with a vibe this cute and fun, it is sure to bring in a wide range of beauty fanatics and first-timers alike!

Grace Reynoso is a Senior Communications Major with a Public/Mass Media track. She is originally from Ridgewood, New Jersey and has always been into all things beauty, fashion, and music! Grace also loves creating new looks on her makeup page and writing songs! Follow her on Instagram: @grace.reynoso, her makeup IG @glossbygracie_, and on Spotify: @urfriendgrace
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