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Reasons to be Thankful for your Mom

As Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, it is officially time to reflect on the things we value most in life. Sometimes life becomes increasingly hectic and we forget to reflect on the things we are truly privileged to have. One of the most amazing blessings in my life is my mom. My mom is my number one supporter in everything I do, and I will forever be thankful for that. So, shout out to all of the super moms out there that work hard everyday to make their children’s lives the best they can be! These are some of the reasons you should say, “thank you” to your mom this Thanksgiving.

1. She loves you no matter what you do.

2. She will always make you laugh.

3. She cooks you food, so you don’t have to cook it for yourself.

4. She magically knows how to cure any illness.

5. She is always your shoulder to cry on.

6. She will always advocate for you to have the best things in life.

7. She does your laundry.

8. She yells at your siblings for making fun of you.

9. She listens to you complain about any minor inconvenience in your life.

10. She drives you places.

11. She protects you from the things that may hurt you most.

12. She fills your gas tank before you come home from college.

13. She wants to see you succeed in everything you do.

14. She puts your needs before her own.

15. She will always brag that you’re the best child, even if you’re just average.

16. She raised you to be a strong and driven individual.

17. She never fails to embarrass you on Facebook.

18. She makes you want to be a better person.

19, She gives good hugs.

20. She is your sunshine on a dark day.

Thank you mom for everything you have done for me and continue to do! Don’t forget to thank your moms this Thanksgiving!

Emily is a junior at The College of New Jersey. She is double majoring in Elementary Special Education and English.
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