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The Reality Behind the Gen Z and Millennial Flared vs. Skinny Jeans Argument

The discussion of the shape and cut of jeans has swarmed social media sites as millennials recently found that skinny jeans are “out of style”. According to the Gen Z’ers that reply, wider leg jeans and pants are the new trend to hop on, insisting everyone leaves their skinny jeans behind. From TikTok to Twitter, I have seen more people creating rules for fashion than ever before and there is only one correct answer to this argument: wear whatever you want.

There are always going to be people that will judge your outfits. There will always be differing opinions on clothes, accessories, aesthetics, and styles. The key to ignoring these differing opinions is being so confident in what you’re wearing that it does not matter whether or not your outfit is trendy in the eyes of teenagers. Trends will come and go but as long as you are satisfied and happy with what you are wearing, over time you will grow more confident. Doing the opposite to seek the validation of others is uncomfortable and stifling to how you truly wish to express yourself through fashion.

Some people prefer to prioritize comfort over style, and there is nothing wrong with that. There are others who enjoy dressing up each day, even if there is no one around to impress, and there is also nothing wrong with that. Specific styles are more flattering to one body type than another and some don’t wish to wear anything that will draw attention to themselves. Each of these factors come into play every day when choosing what to wear. If you ever catch yourself looking at an outfit and thinking, “I would never wear that,” remind yourself that it is none of your business what people are comfortable in and no one is forcing you to wear it yourself.

Trends can be fun to follow and there is certainly nothing wrong with liking trendy clothing, but the trends themselves should not dictate what someone decides to wear. The most exciting part of fashion is self-expression and feeling confident in yourself. Millennials: there is no need for you to seek the approval of Gen Z’ers. And Gen Z’ers: there is no need for you to deem less popular styles unacceptable. Unless your outfit choices are bringing down a group or culturally inappropriate, there is nothing wrong with wearing whatever you want. So you should do it.

Kyra is a junior at TCNJ with a major in Communication Studies (Public & Mass specialty) and a minor in Marketing. She is a member of Delta Phi Epsilon and enjoys fashion, beauty, and entertainment.
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