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Rating Whether or Not These Disney Channel Couples Would Still Be Together in 2020

Do you ever lay in bed at night and wonder where your favorite Disney Channel couples would be if they a) weren’t fictional and b) weren’t on films or shows that ended a decade or more ago? Well, I do, and apparently some of my friends do, as well, because we recently got into a heated debate about whether or not our Top Tier childhood relationships would still be dating/married today, in 2020, or have broken up. Here’s my list, reasons why, and percentage rating of the chance that these OG couples are still together or not.


Shane and Mitchie / Camp Rock franchise

- Chance of Shane of Mitchie still being together: 40%

- From their impromptu “This Is Me” performance in Camp Rock to their now TikTok famous duet, “Wouldn’t Change a Thing,” in Camp Rock 2, Shane and Mitchie were clearly a match made in musical heaven. Unfortunately, it’s hard to maintain a long distance relationship – and that’s without one of the partners touring the world in an über-famous boyband (Connect3, anyone?). While it’s clear that music brought these two young stars together, I think it might also be what tears them apart in the end.


Nate and Dana / Camp Rock 2

- Chance of Nate and Dana still being together: 85%

- Unlike Shane and Mitchie, I believe that Nate and Dana from Camp Rock 2 did have more of a future together. While Nate was also in Connect3 and on world tours alongside Shane, Dana was much more equipt for that lifestyle than Mitchie ever was. Dana’s father was a music mogul and a successful, globally known millionaire because of it. Even though Dana wasn’t in the spotlight like Nate, she understood that life more than most and could understand the trials and tribulations that come with it. Therefore, because she did grow to really like Nate and even push for their relationship to grow – cue “Introducing Me” – I think that the duo surely lasted a long time post-summer camp.


Nick and Macy / JONAS and JONAS LA

- Chance of Nick and Macy still being together: 50%

- In that case, I don’t think Nate – er, Nick – made it with Macy. Nick and Macy from JONAS were prep school icons for their time, but it wasn’t smooth sailing. We never even got to see the lovebirds kiss, because Disney cut it out! That being said, there was a chemistry between Nick and Macy that everyone saw and rooted for. When Nick calmed Macy down in that one episode when she had a panic attack, it proved to audiences everywhere that Nick was there for Macy in a much stronger way than a simple schoolboy crush would. It was a very in-the-moment style relationship, though, which never gave it a lot of substance and makes some fans (like myself) believe that once graduation day came, so did the end of their young romance.


Alex and Mason / Wizards of Waverly Place

- Chance of Alex and Mason still being together: 150%

- If you don’t think Alex and Mason from Wizards of Waverly Place grew old together (or whatever a wizard and werewolf’s version of old is), you’re wrong. Alex and Mason were possibly the most realistic couple in all of Disney Channel – even if they were supernatural. The duo constantly fought for their love, overcoming obstacles as menial as having embarrassing parents to as dangerous as a Wizard War. If Alex had not won the wizard competition at the end of the series, she and Mason would not have been able to stay together. She did win, though, meaning that she not only got to keep her wizard powers, but got to keep her one true love, as well.


Miley and Jesse / Hannah Montana

- Chance of Miley and Jesse still being together: 25%

- Love triangles are fun and all, but the drama they cause can taint any and all relationships that come out of them. Unfortunately, after the Jake/Jesse/Miley drama that we all know (and loved, at the time, thanks to Hannah Montana’s “He Could Be the One”), I don’t think Jesse and Miley’s relationship could have been strong enough to last. He may have been kind enough to keep her secret and sweet talk her family into accepting him, but he isn’t a permanent fixture in her life – especially as she went away to college to finally just be herself, Miley Stewart.


Austin and Ally / Austin & Ally

- Chance of Austin and Ally still being together: 100%

- Austin and Ally had a whirlwind relationship from the start as they went from friends who wrote songs together to a couple who performed together to soloists who – SPOILER – end up married. Yes, you read that right. We don’t even have to speculate if these two were endgame or not because the finale of Austin & Ally gave us all the answers we need in the form of a perfectly imperfect proposal. If that isn’t enough to prove to you that Austin and Ally have surely grown old together, just watch this clip and listen to the lyrics…. Swoon-worthy, for sure.


Troy and Gabriella / High School Musical franchise

- Chance of Troy and Gabriella still being together: 90%

- Unlike their real-life counterparts, Troy and Gabriella have without a doubt stood the test of time as both a couple and as iconic characters from our childhood. While the High School Musical alum may have broken up and gotten back together at least once within each of the three films, by the end of the series they had gone through enough to prove that they could handle anything that was thrown at them. Judging by their history, I do think that there is a chance that they broke up again in college, because even though they weren’t completely long distance (32.7 miles, to be exact.) higher education is about finding yourself, which they might want to have done on their own, individual terms.


Jessica and Christopher / Starstruck

- Chance of Jessica and Christopher still being together: 0%

- While Jessica Olson may have lived out every single one of our fanfiction dreams in Starstruck, we need to think outside of the Wattpad bubble and realize that celebrities that fall for their fans don’t work out in the real world. Christopher Wilde needed Jessica to guide him through an uncomfortable time in his life and his career, but she made it clear that she didn’t need him. He was a superstar with big dreams and she was not one to let him forget about them for a small town “ordinary girl.” These two were the blueprint for everyone who wanted to just casually bump into their celebrity crush, but that’s really it. There was nothing more to them than a random meet cute with mutual whirlwind feelings. That’s not enough to build a relationship on for anyone, even fictional characters living our even more fictional dreams.


Roxie and Cyrus / Let It Shine

- Chance of Roxie and Cyrus still being together: 35%

- We have to appreciate Cryus’ dedication to Roxie in Let It Shine. He fell head over heels for her when they were just kids, and because of that he wanted the very best for her, even if that didn’t mean dating him. Cyrus lied to Roxie about being “Truth,” thinking that it would help her, her career, and her happiness. Because of that, I don’t think that they were a long term couple. Any relationship based on lies can not last successfully or fully, no matter how strong or long lasting the bond may have been. Although, we will never forget how absolutely sweet their performance of “Me and You” was… it almost makes me want to change my mind about them.


Lizzie and Gordo / Lizzie McGuire

- Chance of Lizzie and Gordo still being together: 80%

- From the Disney+ reboot teaser alone we know that Lizzie and Gordo do, indeed, have some sort of future in each others’ lives in 2020 – and thank God for that! Lizzie and Gordo were the perfect friends-to-lovers story that made every fan swoon every time they were in a scene together. (This iconic scene from The Lizzie McGuire Movie in particular is a fan favorite for a reason!) Granted, their love story started very young and people do change as time passes, so while they do have a piece of each other’s hearts, we don’t know to what extent. I would like to believe that they are still a couple, but the chances aren’t certain… until the Disney+ reboot tells us.

Debra Kate Schafer is a Journalism and Professional Writing major at TCNJ with a background in music journalism, newspaper writing, and radio. When she's not writing, she can be found playing with her dog, laughing at her own jokes, talking about Harry Styles, and eating too much sushi for her own good.
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