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Quotes From Lana Del Rey’s Newest Album That I Love!!

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The time has finally come for me to write an article about my Queen and favorite singer, Lana Del Rey. Of course, I’m not new to reviewing her songs and rating them, but I thought I would do something different. I’m going to select a quote from each of her songs on her new album, which I totally love. If you don’t know, 2 weeks ago Lana Del Rey released her new album “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd.” I know, it’s a mouthful, but it’s such a rewarding and spectacular album to listen to. Just from listening to the full album, I’m already in love. I definitely listened to this album on repeat these past 2 weeks, and it’s really the words that spoke to me. I mean, yeah, that’s the whole point of songs! But these tracks made me think about my life, Lana’s life, and the world. The lyrics in all the tracks are so deep and tear-jerking that I can’t help but listen to them over and over. Then mix that with Lana’s voice and the music, and you get the best album of 2023! This album seemed very spiritual and self-reflective, but also lustful and seductive. I don’t want to give too much away because you need to experience it for yourself, but it just puts you in that reflective, deep mood. Lana and this album are amazing, and they definitely gave me great quotes to think about.

The Grant

“I’m gonna take mine of you with me”

“My sister’s first-born child, I’m gonna take that too with me. My grandmother’s last smile, I’m gonna take that too with me. It’s a beautiful life, remember that too for me.”

Did you know that there’s a tunnel under ocean blvd.

“When’s it gonna be my turn? Don’t forget me. When’s it gonna be my turn? Open me up, tell me you like it. Love me to death, love me until I love myself.”

“Harry Milsson has a song, his voice breaks at 2:05. Something about the way he says ‘Don’t forget me’ makes me feel like I just wish I had a friend like him, someone to get me by. Lennon in the back, whisperin’ in my ear, ‘Come on, baby, you can thrive.’ But I can’t.”


“What you doin’ with your life? Do you think about it? Do you contemplate where we came from?”

“I’ve got things to do, like nothing at all. I wanna do them with you. Do you wanna do them with me?”

A & W

“Called up one drunk, called up another. Forensic Files wasn’t on. Watching Teenage Diary of a Girl, wondering what went wrong. I’m a princess, I’m divisive. Ask me why, why, why I’m like this. Maybe I’m just kinda like this. I don’t know, maybe I’m just like this.”

“God’s a charlatan, don’t look back, babe. Puts the shower on while he calls me. Slips out the back door to talk to me. I’m invisible, look how you hold me. I’m invisible, I’m invisible. I’m a ghost now, look how you hold me now.”

Judah Smith Interlude

“I used to think my preaching was mostly about you, and you’re not gonna like this, but I’m gonna tell you the truth. I’ve discovered my preaching is mostly about me.”

Candy Necklace

“Thought that we were cool, we were kickin’ it like Tribe Called Quest. You’re the best, but, baby, you’ve been bringin’ me down. I can see it now.”

“You’ve been actin’ pretty restless, dancin’ like the young and reckless. And I’m obsessed with this, candy necklaces.”

Jon Batiste Interlude

“Oh, I feel it in my soul. I feel it in my soul. I can feel it in my soul. I can feel it all over. Early in the morning. Early in the morning. Hey, early in the morning.” 


“But I can’t say I’d run when things get hard. It’s just that I don’t trust myself with my heart. But I had to let it break a little more cause they say that’s what it’s for. That’s how the light shines in.”

“And I just can’t stop cryin’ ’cause all of the ways when you see someone dyin’ you see all your days flash in front of you and you think about who would be with you.”


“I wanted to go out like you, swim with the fishes that he caught on Rhode Island beaches, but sometimes it’s just not your time.”

“Exotic places and people don’t take the place of being your child. I give myself two seconds to cry.”

“Sunbather, moon chaser, queen of empathy. I give myself two seconds to breathe and go back to being a serene queen. I just needed two seconds to be me.”

Paris, Texas

“When you know, you know. When you know, you know it’s time, it’s time to go. When you know, you know. Then the more you know it’s time to go.”

“When everyone star’s bright, brighter than you are. It’s time to go. And you’re the only one left, dancin’ while they’re on the floor. Time to go.”

“When you’re home, you’re home. When you’re home, you’re home. When you’re home when you’re alone.”

Grandfather, please stand on the shoulder of my father while he’s deep-sea fishing

“I know they think that it took thousands of people to put me together again, like an experiment. Some big man behind the scenes, sewing Frankenstein black dreams into my songs, but they’re wrong.”

“God, if you’re near me, send me three white butterflies or a map to know your vision, impart on me your wisdom.”

Let the light in

“‘Cause I love to, love to, love to love you. I hate to, hate to, hate to hate you.”

“‘Cause I wanna, wanna, wanna want you. I need to, need to, need to need you.”


“Words aren’t my friends, but they’re red flags, they’re white knights. They’re black eyes and they’re blue lies. If you ask yourself, “How do you know?: Then that’s your answer, the answer is ‘No.’ You gotta run, run, run like your head’s on fire. Run away like your head is on fire.”

“So if you don’t know, don’t give up ’cause you never know what the new day might bring.”


“Not that smart, but I’ve got things to say.”

“For me, you are the one, and if I’m not the one for you, don’t you say it.”

“Palm trees in black and white. I see in technicolor. Maybe I’ll take my glasses off, so I stop painting red flags green.”


“Threw caution to the wind, get onto the bike. Take a minute to yourself, skinny dip in my mind. I’m in love, I’m in love.”

Taco Truck x vb

“Imagine if we actually gave a crap. Wouldn’t that be something to talk about for us?”

If you want to learn more about the lyrics to Lana’s song, go to the website Genius. They have information on the meanings of Lana’s lyrics and the background story of her songs. 

Maya McKelvey is currently a college student at The College of New Jersey where she studies Communication Studies and Professional Writing. Maya spends her time writing poems, short stories, scripts, and song lyrics. Maya also is well versed in dance which she has been doing for over 7 years. Maya is an open-minded person who believes in taking risks and chances. Maya is currently the Academic, Career, and Campus editor for The College of New Jersey's Her Campus chapter. Follow her if you'd like on snapchat and Instagram @y8awesome.