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Planning a Fun (and Safe!) Halloween in the Pandemic

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.


Halloween is a fun-filled autumn staple for people of all ages. From trick or treating and elementary school costume contests to horror movie marathons and parties that last all night, October thirty-first is always a night to remember. Of course, with the long list of social events that everyone has missed out on in the past eight months, we should expect some modifications this year. But worry not, there are still ways to have fun while abiding by CDC guidelines! No matter how you celebrate, it is important to remember to be safe. There are still fun ways to party without compromising your health this Halloween.

 A large concern for anyone who lives in a neighborhood with kids should be avoiding coming in contact with large groups of people. Instead of handing out candy, try leaving goodie bags on your front step! You can wear your costume and wave to trick or treaters while enjoying the comfort of your couch, preferably with a large bag of candy for yourself. (Pro tip: make sure that the goodie bags are not in a communal bowl to avoid spreading germs! It would be a better idea to spread a few out and replenish the stash as the night goes on.)

Another option is to plan an outdoor movie night! Whether you prefer the classic horror films or would rather stick with Twitches and Halloweentown, setting up a projector and having a marathon is a great way to meet while socially distant. Just make sure that the group is limited in numbers and everyone brings their own snacks. For those who are uncomfortable with this option, it could also be organized online through the “Netflix Party” browser extension. 

Virtually, friends could also gather in costumes to make Halloween snacks! You may have never had time to make themed party foods before, but if there is one thing that quarantine is good for, it is making time for frivolous fun. Agree on a few recipes beforehand to ensure that everyone can get the ingredients, and then enjoy your butterbeer and caramel apples together! Cooking is a fun way to spend time with your friends, even if you cannot reunite in person. 

Indoor gatherings are generally a bad idea, so in the event of a party be sure to move it outside. Limit the number of attendees and ensure that everyone wears a mask that covers their mouth and nose- costume masks, while stylish, do not count. Instead of large scale parties, consider doing a Tik Tok ghost photoshoot with one or two friends or going to a restaurant with outdoor dining. Instead of visiting a haunted house, try reading up on supernatural occurrences in your area and drive around to see if you can spot any ghosts. (If you really want to scare yourself, watch a few horror movies beforehand!) But, no matter how you choose to celebrate, wear a mask, avoid large gatherings and socially distance whenever possible.

For a lot of people, Halloween is associated with whimsical childhood memories that will be cherished for the rest of their lives. While we are not able to physically celebrate in the same way as in years past, you do not need to completely pause your life. Yes, we will have to adapt to our new reality, and it is understandable to be disappointed that you cannot uphold certain traditions. But above all, it is important to prioritize the health of you and your loved ones. Take this Halloween as an opportunity to spend time with your friends and family, regardless of how you connect.


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