New Year Same Me

Every year, we make resolutions for the new year. We get all excited to start over and make the next year the best year of our lives. We promise ourselves to stick to our long list of resolutions, but somehow, it never really happens. Let’s face it, the only difference between this year and the next is just a turn of the clock. A change of date is not enough to push us towards exercising every day or eating healthy. Our long list of resolutions will soon expire and we will be left in a very similar state to the year prior. Sure, we try so hard to become new people and to improve ourselves drastically. But these steps that we write out in order to make ourselves better people are things that we should be doing every day. Instead of using the new year as an excuse to start over, we should learn from our past mistakes and continue to better ourselves daily. Life as we know it is changing and if we wait the few weeks or months that will pass to make resolutions, we will always be putting it off. We cannot wait for the countdown, or the silver and gold confetti to change our mindsets. So here a few things to help you and me make better choices for a better tomorrow.

1. Give someone a compliment every day.

Make someone’s day a little brighter. It doesn’t hurt to be kind.

2. Eat one piece of lettuce a day.

Hamsters do it. Why can’t we?

3. Drink water when you’re bored.

Sure, we might have to pee a lot, but it will be for a great reason.

4. Limit your hours on social media by a little bit.

Mindlessly scrolling is not helping anyone. Drink some water instead.

5. Walk up the stairs and don’t take the elevator.

The worst thing would be getting stuck by yourself in an elevator with no one to help you and you feeling the walls getting closer and tighter until you can’t breathe. So take the stairs.

6. Recycle plastic bottles.

Blue is for plastic, brown is for trash. Quite simple, really.

7. Save a dollar every day.

Hopefully by the end of the year, we will have $365. That’s enough to buy lots of water and lettuce. We are capable of so much, and hopefully, we all learn to take the bull by its horns and truly make 2019 the best year yet.