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NEW FASHION TREND?? Cutoff Neckline Tops

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

For all the girlies who need a cute, but comfy look, the new trend is here! Cut-off neckline tops are here to stay this fall and it’s time to get working on this DIY look. It all started when my mom passed down her college shirt to me and it had the neckline of the t-shirt cut off. I thought to myself that I would never wear this out because it looks like it may fall off of me at any given moment! However, when I arrived on campus this fall, not only were my roommates cutting the neckline off of t-shirts, but they were cutting it off of sweatshirts, and crew necks as well.  And so was everyone else on my FYP on TikTok!

This fall/winter trend can be styled in so many ways and looks good with almost anything. It can be dressed up with necklaces and cute undergarments or dressed down to wear to bed. For any casual occasion, a cut-off neckline top is the way to go. 

Now let’s talk about how to get started on this look.  

  1. Find a top that you may not love anymore or you love, but it’s suffocating to wear. Not only is a cut-off neckline shirt fashionable, but it’s WAY more comfortable to wear because there’s no neckline clinging to your neck. 
  2. Cutting the neckline… This can be done in many ways and the best way to learn is by watching a tutorial so you don’t end up cutting too much off. Or, in my case you have your friend do it for you because she’s been doing it for years.
  3. Once you have your new and improved top, it’s time to style it!  

This look is meant to be worn off the shoulder, or just looser around your neck for a fun, more casual look. It can be thrown on with a bralette and shorts for an effortlessly stylish outfit to wear to class or paired with chunky jewelry and jeans for a trendier vibe. It can be worn with nothing underneath for a comfy outfit to wear around your house, dorm, or out and about, or paired with a tank underneath to stay warm. Any way you pair your new cut-off neckline shirt is guaranteed to be a sleek outfit. And if you’re anything like me, when you’re in college, you want a fashionable, but comfy outfit at all times or almost always. 

In the wise words of my sister, “If you saw me walking on the street in my non-cut Star Wars shirt, you’d say nerd! But when you see me in my cutoff Star Wars shirt, it’s sexy nerd for sure!” and it’s honestly true. Any piece that is made into a cute cut-off neckline top, whether it’s a graphic tee, lovely t-shirt from Aerie, or fun crewneck/sweatshirt, can be a staple in one’s fall wardrobe this year. And the best part is, this trend is perfect for college girlies on a budget! A cute look and affordable too. So try the new trend this fall to see how you can make your tops go from cute and cozy to trendy and comfy. 

Abby is a sophomore Secondary Math Education major at TCNJ and can't wait to start writing for Her Campus. She has a lot of interest about topics that she's excited to share in articles. Some of these interests include fashion, healthy food, room decor, books, makeup, baking, and more!